15 Fascinating Facts About Where Iconic Scenes Were Filmed

A 'Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood' paid homage to Fred Rogers in many, many ways.
15 Fascinating Facts About Where Iconic Scenes Were Filmed

We all have our favorite movies and television shows. We may have favorite lines, actors, scenes or moments. The fact is, most of us end up overlooking the actual locations where our favorite stories are filmed. This is ultimately though, where some of the most interesting stories come from.

We found more than a dozen fascinating facts about the locations iconic scenes were filmed in.

For example, Midsommar wasn't actually shot in Sweden, despite being set there. We bet you didn't know that in the Bond flick Skyfall, M's apartment was actually owned and lived in by famous Bond composer John Barry. Barry composed music for 11 Bond films, including Goldfinger in 1964!

Turns out, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood went to significant lengths to get the feel of being on the set of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood right. 

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