15 Movie Extras Who Pretty Much Said, "Hey, Look At Me!"

You’d think that not drawing attention to yourself would be easier.
15 Movie Extras Who Pretty Much Said, "Hey, Look At Me!"

Are you the type of person who is content to stay out of the limelight, maybe hang back in the weeds as whatever unfolds? If so, you are not like the movie extras that we're profiling here. You would be a fine movie extra, maybe look into it. Hopefully it's a better side-hustle than whatever you've got going now.

As a general rule, movie extras have one job -- to mill around the background while not distracting the audience from the (hopefully sexy) going-ons on in the foreground. You think that’s easy? It isn’t! It takes a special kind of talent to be completely unremarkable, (don't we know it) and not everyone (besides us) is cut out for it. These people certainly weren't. Instead of being a wallflower as mandated by their wallflower contract, they basically said, “Screw that, look at me!”

Just check out these extras unable (or unwilling) to completely give up the spotlight.

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