Broadway theaters have announced they're reopening in the fall. It's exciting news for awkward theater kids everywhere, but it's worth unpacking: Why can all Broadway theaters speak as a single group like they were the Borg Collective, and why is all of theater centered on a few theaters on one street in New York City anyway? We've found the answers, as well as some more interesting facts about Broadway you may not have seen live and in person…

THE SHOW MUST GO ON... OR IT DID, PRE-2020 K SIDE E FOO STORY WEST SIDE SIOU STORY 1-I TAI CRACKED Before the pandemic closed theaters for a year and a half, the only times Broadway had shut down for more than four days was for strikes and labor disputes.

Source: NY1

THE TONY AWARDS ARE NAMED FOR A WOMAN THE AMERICAN THEATRE WING PRESENTS TO CRACKED Antoinette Tony Perry was an actress who co-founded the American Theatre Wing. the group that gives out the Tonys every year.

Source: Tony Awards

BROADWAY THEATERS LEAVE OFF SOME ROWS CRACKED Most theaters have lettered rows, but not Row I or O, since they're too easy to mistake for Row 1 and O especially in the dark during a performance.

Source: Playbill

ONE RICH FAMILY CREATED ALL OF BROADWAY THEATER CRACKED The Shubert brothers bought most of the theaters on Broadway when they were cheap, SO the modern theater scene grew from their monopoly.

Source: PBS

A HIT SHOW-JUST LIKE LOVE- NEVER DIES Coldisting 30 Years CRACKED The most successful Broadway shows have never closed; The Phantom of the Opera has been going continuously (not counting COVID) for over 3,000 performances.


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