12 Utterly Baffling Local News Stories That Just Happened

12 Utterly Baffling Local News Stories That Just Happened

Sometimes, rude customers are the least of your worries.

WEIRD WORLD A young couple in Seoul accidentally ruined a painting worth almost half a million dollars. Paints and brushes were exhibited with the painting, and they thought those were for guests to use on the artwork. That was not the case, and they ended up vandalizing a $440,000 painting.

Source: ABC

WEIRD WORLD A Dallas woman was sentenced to 5 years for killing someone with a butt injection. She injected a nightclub dancer with liquid silicone in 2015, which ended up killing the dancer when the silicone entered her bloodstream. CRACKED.COM

Source: NBC

WEIRD WORLD City authorities in Plymouth, Minnesota, urged people to call 911 on dog owners who don't clean up after their pets. They're also looking for volunteers who would act as dog etiquette ambassadors. CRACKED.COM

Source: FOX9

WEIRD WORLD In lowa, a guy tried to run away from the cops using a lawnmower. James Howard Harrington robbed a garage in Waterloo, lowa at 4 AM one night, then got caught on security camera and tried to drive his John Deere lawnmower Claden with stolen goods) back

Source: KDHL

WEIRD WORLD In Kansas, a suspect handcuffed behind his back apparently stole a Highway Patrol car. 882 8B008 (not the same car) Officers then chased him at speeds over 100 mph, for 30 miles. It's still not clear how he did it, but the Highway Patrol spokesman said As a

Source: Yahoo

WEIRD WORLD Maine has a cannabis ambulance that makes house calls. CAL MARSUARSA RAOTITIONERS TIFICATION UNIT CIHIID E 210-0MMP ESNSLION People living in the Greater Portland area can receive a visit from the ambulance, which allows people who can't leave their house to meet with a licensed clinician as part

Source: WCYY

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