11 Ridiculous Headlines That, Weirdly, Are Real

Nothing says “petty” like dumping a literal (almost) ton of pennies on someone’s driveway.
11 Ridiculous Headlines That, Weirdly, Are Real

The law is sometimes frustratingly ambiguous -- for example, it technically lets you pay off a debt by dumping a ton of dirty coins in front of someone’s home. Which especially sucks if, say, that’s your old boss paying the last of your wages. Anyway, here are all the details on that story and 10 others,:

Pollution is making human penises smaller. 1alne Phthalates, chemicals used in plastic production, are screwing up fetuses' endocrine systemsc. and one of the results is that babies are being born with smaller penises. CRACKED.COM

Source: SKY

North Korea accused the K-pop industry of relying on slave-like exploitation. A new article on a North Korean propaganda site said that K-pop stars are treated as slaves after being robbed of their body, mind and soul by the heads of vicious and corrupt art-related conglomerates.

Source: CNN

A Texas restaurant put up a sign saying they charge $50 if they have to explain why masks are mandatory. OUR NEW SURCHARGB snerds 150-IF I HAVE To EXPLAI WHY MASKS ARE MANDATORY $75 HAVE TO HEAR DINER WHY YOU DISAGREE... Apparently, customers started laughing and taking photos of the

Source: CNN

The ship in the Suez canal was blocking about $10 billion of goods every day. The exact number is $9.6 billion, and it comes from shipping expert Lloyd's List.

Source: BBC

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