13 B-List Celebrities Who Are Huge Overseas

For many performers, love lies across the ocean.
13 B-List Celebrities Who Are Huge Overseas

We all know the biggest celebrities out there, but what about the smaller ones? The B-list celebrities might not have as much fame as their A-list counterparts, but they're still worth talking about.

There are a lot of celebrities out there. Some people might say that there are too many celebrities, in fact. But, no matter how you feel about the number of celebrities in the world, there's no denying that some celebs are just more famous than others. Even though these less-famous celebs may not have hordes of paparazzi following them around or millions of social media followers, they're still pretty well known within their own circles.

Everyone knows who the A-list celebrities are. They grace the covers of magazines, dominate the red carpet, and always seem to be in the know. But what about the B-list celebs? You know, those guys and girls who always seem to be one step behind the limelight? Surprisingly, many of them are actually huge stars overseas! Here are a few examples...


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