13 Now-You-Know Facts About Movies And More To Cure Your Boredom

13 Now-You-Know Facts About Movies And More To Cure Your Boredom

Facts, facts, facts. People love facts. You're a person. At least, you pretend you are if you're not. It's good to know facts if, for no other reason, than to fight the never-ending tedium and boredom of daily life. You probably already know a lot of facts from your lifetime of fact-finding. But that's the beautiful thing, really. No matter how many facts you already know, there are still plenty more to discover. It's amazing to know how much you just don't know in life.

Like did you know how often flies have gay sex? Or the obscene amount of money Warner Bros. makes on Friends reruns? Or that Al Pacino was almost fired from his now-iconic role in The Godfather? Oh, you did? Well, that's impressive but we still have 10 more that you probably don't know yet.

Here, have some more facts to stick into your brain until you learn some new ones.

We almost got a Watchmen movie in the 90s. Terry Gilliam was supposed to direct, and they wanted Schwarzenegger for Doctor Manhattan, while David Bowie wanted to play Rorschach. But it turned out to be too expensive, and anyway, Gilliam later decided Watchmen was too big for one movie. NOW

Source: CBR

85% of male insects have accidental gay FOT sex. It's accidental because they don't bother trying to find out their partner's gender -- basically, they just get it on. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED.COM

Source: CBS

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