13 Trivia Tidbits That Spice Up The Knowledge Stew

All they wanted was her (to leave).
13 Trivia Tidbits That Spice Up The Knowledge Stew

Somehow, even celebrities can get turned down by co-op boards in NYC. Like poor Mariah Carey, who made the dire strategic blunder of baring her midriff and lost an $8 million penthouse. 

So there are two different celebrities have been mentioned as responses to clues in modern pop categories since the All-Star season started last week. The first, the critically acclaimed television series Escape at Dannemora, made producer and executive director Ben Stiller ecstatic.

We've noticed shocking responses from our celebrities and observed their crazy fans end up receiving scream-inducing electric shock therapy along the way - and it's been honestly pretty funny to watch.

In her sitting room, Taylor Swift does have a framed photo of Kanye West disturbing her at the 2009 American Music Awards. "Life is filled with some little interruptions," it says.

The concept of Surprising Answers is simple: if a celebrity declined to answer a scandalous question, their super-fan would therefore receive a surprising real-life answer!

If the reply is "no," guess what? You're not like any of the celebrities! Read on for many of the odd and outlandish ways in which celebrities differentiate themselves.

Here are the full details, plus 12 other stories:

Thunderball almost had a theme by Johnny Cash. r They asked Cash to write a song for it, which he did, but they didn't like it and Cash was pretty let down, apparently, because he wanted to broaden his fanbase. NOW YOU KNOW CRACKED COM

Source: BBC

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