We get it. Writing TV shows can be a complex and difficult job. There are tons of different storylines happening at the same time and not all of them can always turn out great. However, pretending a storyline never even happened because you don't know how to resolve it is another thing entirely. 

Would it be that hard to simply put one throwaway line that would explain why a certain plot line was abandoned? Well, the answer is yes, according to these 15 TV shows:

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CRACKEDO SCHITT'S CREEK THE ROSES OWN THE TOWN. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The first season of the As the show went on, show largely focuses this plan slowly on the Rose family started to go away. trying to sell their last The fact that they still piece of property- own

CRACKED.c FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS LANDRY KILLED A GUY. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In season two, Landry Due to negative fan kills a man who was reaction, the whole trying to rape Tyra, subplot is of never and much the mentioned season revolves again around them trying in subsequent to cover

CRACKED.c BREAKING BAD MARIE'S KLEPTOMANIA. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE The first three seasons It didn't. After the focus a lot of time on third season, Marie's Marie's shoplifting problem suddenly issues, making it went like the subplot away and seems would eventually lead wasn't referenced to something. ever again.

CRACKED.CO DEXTER DEXTER AND DEB'S WEIRD ROMANCE. FIRST EPISODE LAST EPISODE In six, After fan backlash, season season seven quickly Deb starts having pulled an Uno reverse romantic feelings card on the storyline by having Deb find out for Dexter, her Dexter is a serial killer adoptive brother. and never
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