13 Times Comedy Superstars Failed to Deliver

13 Times Comedy Superstars Failed to Deliver

There have been numerous situations when a comedy film with a large cast is released and falls short of expectations. Films can flop because they underperform in ticket sales or are lambasted by critics. The ensemble could be stacked with excellent comedy talents or perhaps even Oscar winners in certain situations.

Slapstick comedies with a strong cast are likely to be successful. Despite having great cast members, several have underperformed or been criticized.

When the mention of a new comedy picture starring several well-known celebrities reaches fans throughout the world, they rejoice. Those charming films with an all-star cast have the capacity to enthrall us from beginning to end. They frequently achieve tremendous success, such as in Anchorman or Bridesmaids.

Babe Ruth owned the home run and strikeout records for much of baseball's history. Comedy is comparable in that no one hits it out of the park every time. Well, what you are waiting for, sweet reader--step up to the plate and take a swing at some of these wild stories…

WILL FERRELL FUNNY NOT FUNNY Ferrell's Anchorman Like a killer SNL sketch assembles a that wears out its murderer's row of welcome on return comedy sidekicks and visits, Anchorman 2 hits bit after bit out of simply recyles the the park- -WHAMMY! original's best jokes

VINCE VAUGHN CRACKED FUNNY NOT FUNNY Vaughn at his frat-boy Fast-talking arrogant peak as a Wedding schmuck is somehow Crasher, showing off less appealing in a Fred undeniable chemistry Clause holiday hat with both the ladies and Owen Wilson

ROBIN WILLIAMS FUNNY NOT FUNNY He was originally cast Do you know who as flamboyant Albert laughs at people in The Birdcage, but wearing rubber noses, the more subdued Patch Adams? Not kids Armand proved a with incurable diseases, better harness for that's for dang sure Williams's hilarity

MIKE MYERS FUNNY NOT FUNNY Before everyone's The best thing we can uncle ruined Christmas say about The Love with Do I make you Guru is that it did not horny, baby? jokes, beget The Love Guru 2 Myers' Austin Powers WAS a hilarious take on the sixties-spy genre

MELISSA MCCARTHY POLICE FUNNY NOT FUNNY McCarthy is funny in Raunchy puppets plus plenty of vehicles but McCarthy must have Bridesmaids was the sounded good on paper comedy missile that but Happytime Murders launched her into the failed to kill on screen stratosphere

MARY TYLER MOORE CRACKED FUNNY NOT FUNNY How funny was The The variety show Mary Tyler Moore wasn't quite dead by Show? Twenty-nine 1979, but The Mary Tyler Emmys funny, Moore Hour helped including three for pound the final nails in good ol' Mare the coffin

JONAH HILL WrI TOUL as FUNNY NOT FUNNY No one's gotten a Remember how hand job in cargo America was clamoring shorts since 'Nam. for a Forgetting Sarah Seth, Superbad Marshall sequel? Neither can we, which is why we're forgetting Get Him to the Greek.

JACK BLACK GRAGKEDCOM FUNNY NOT FUNNY It's hard to imagine a School of Rock proved better vehicle for Black has chemistry Black's particular with tiny people but toolbox of talents than Gulliver's Travels can't School of Rock. Just muster more than small play the song, chuckles Schneebly!

EDDIE MURPHY FUNNY NOT FUNNY After decades of We went with Norbit family-friendly froth, but it could have been Murphy's motor- the Adventures of Pluto mouthed mastery WaS Nash. Or Holy Man. Or back on display in Meet Dave. Or Daddy Dolemite is My Name Day Care...

DENNIS MILLER SETEEY FUNNY NOT FUNNY Dennis Miller was the first SNL Shave the goatee, Cha cast member to focus Cha. And while you're solely on Update, and at it, you may want to it paid off. His sharp rethink the references satiric skills set the to Romulus and

CHEVY CHASE FUNNY NOT FUNNY Community gave He once was rumored to Chase the chance to be the heir apparent to lampoon his rep as an Johnny Carson. He gave A-1 a-hole. If people it a go with the creaky treat YoU like a Chevy Chase Show, punchline, it's smart

AMY SCHUMER FUNNY NOT FUNNY Before the backlash Schumer and Goldie kicked in, Inside Amy Hawn are way too Schumer waS a clever for Snatched's showcase for honest, brand of gross-out abrasive comedy like dumbassery Last F*ckable Day

BILL MURRAY CRACKED COM BIC ER FUNNY NOT FUNNY From disbelief to Murray claims he denial to hedomism to thought the Coen multiple suicide Brothers were directing attempts, Groundhog Garfield. What's your Day is Murray's best excuse for the sequel, effort at marrying Bill? comedy and drama


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