We've all been there; you hear about a movie coming out that piques your interest, so you watch the trailer to see if it looks as interesting as it sounds. But instead of a bite-sized nugget to whet your appetite, you are force-fed the entire plot. 

Learning your lesson, you avoid trailers. “They spoil too much,” you say, the way a child might bubble out some half-intelligible coos, and instead only allow an upcoming film to advertise to you by way of its poster. It's a two-dimensional, motionless image; surely now you're safe from spoilers.

You fool. You complete moron. Perhaps the safety of colorful children's toys is the only place left that can offer a respite from the onslaught of spoilers. Alas, the plastic betrays you as well. It's not fair, but neither is life, as you know, that thought ringing in your head as you inexorably march back to watching trailers.

A Bagul by any other name. SINISTER This horror flick's trailer gives away the ghost and names the demon AND its motivations in an exposition-dump cam

Source: CinemaBlend

The 800 is a good guy now. TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY CRACKEDCO Arnold's iconic villain turning protector was a huge twist in the sequel to The Termin

Source: Trailer

Kiefer? I hardly know her. PHONEBOOTH FHONEbOOTH CRACKEDCON If there are only going to be three actors in your poster, make sure one of them isn't pla

Source: WhatCulture

It was aliens the whole time. 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE Is it aliens, or is John Goodman just crazy? Well if you saw the poster you'd know it's aliens and J

Source: Screen Rant

That's a Lotso information. TOY STORY 3 Disney PIXAK ToY CECO STORY 3 Ages/edades 7-12 7596 Trash Compactor Escape 370 pcs/ozs CRACKED CO The scene fe

Source: Digital Spy

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