14 Inspiring Responses To Tragedy

There's a lot of saddening, crazy nonsense happening on our planet. And with all that being paraded around by the media, it's easy to forget that there are amazing acts of kindness happening more often than we realize.

Warning: It's about to get very, very dusty wherever you are.


9/11 2001, CANADA CRACKED CO Gander, Newfoundland (population: O00) hosted 6,500 travelers stranded after the US closed its airspace. Residents housed

Source: Washington Post


The Paris Attacks 2015, FRANCE MUVIM IKKE TERRORIST CRACKEDCON After the November attacks, a blindfolded Muslim held a sign: I'm Muslim and people cal

Source: Newsweek


Hurricane Katrina 2005, USA CRACKEDCON Johnny White's Bar in New Orleans had the motto Never Closed. So even during Katrina, they never closed, beco

Source: The Times-Picayune


ISIS attacks 2016, INDONESIA CRACKEDCON During a spree of terror attacks, Jakarta food vendor went on selling right next to the firefights. Besides ma

Source: Time


Pulse Nightclub 2016, USA jet Blue jetBlue jetBlue After the 2016 Orlando shooting, JetBlue Airlines offered free flight seats to or from Orlando to t

Source: NBC


Indian Ocean Tsunami 2004, USA ESY90A IMFOR CLIMATE ACTION LESS Linkin Park created Music for Relief to aid tsunami victims, and it responded to oth

Source: Billboard


The Boston Marathon 2013, USA BoON ON RAONGRUNNISTON! rar97 B0S fton Rayin CRACKED CON After the Boston Marathon bombing, some runners who finished th

Source: The Atlantic 


9/11 2001, USA In the months following 9/11, the New York Times wrote a biography for every victim they could. They profiled over 1,800 people and published these in a book, Portraits of Grief.

Source: NY Times


Flight 358 2005, CANADA TNCE When this plane ran off a runway and crashed into a ravine, escaping passengers headed for the nearby freeway. Passing dr

Source: CBS News


The Chennai Floods 2015, INDIA CRACKEDCO .COM On learning that Chennai had been hit by a massive flood, 2,000 sex workers in Maharashtra skipped two m

Source: Hindustan Times


The Wedding Feast 2015, TURKEY Fethullah Uzumcuoglu and Esra Polat spent their wedding day (and wedding budget) serving food at a party for 4,000 Syri

Source: Washington Post


TRIO 1995, BOSNIA SARALEVO MSNIE Ode ot Sssloan ra7uas H CHICKEN SOu Wa EUROPE! SARAEVE 1961-1994 DERYORE GONE THE During the Sarajeveo siege, 11,000

Source: LA Times


Ryan Jolley 2014, USA Ryan Michael Jolley OCc. 12, 2013 OCt. 16, 2013 darlno. You angol. aro mr m ond my Love wifr my Star a/0. ine you. whorovr you C

Source: People


9/11 2001, KENYA CRACKED CONT After 9/11, Kenyan Masai tribespeople donated 14 COWS to America. Many had never heard of skyscrapers till Kimeli Naiyom

Source: BBC