Tell Us Now: Who Was Your Worst Boss Ever?

Bosses: you can't work with them and can't access basic necessities without them.
Tell Us Now: Who Was Your Worst Boss Ever?

Bosses: you can't work with them and can't access basic necessities without them. 

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “Why was your worst boss the worst?" and we received an incredible amount of horror stories. We're awfully sorry that you had to experience these terrible tales, but we appreciate the relatable entertainment value they provide. 

TELL US NOW. THE WORST PRIZE Tim S. shares, My boss handed me my 5 year service award the same day they eliminated my job and told me to leave. Then
TELL US NOW. MIXED MESSAGES Ashton B. was constantly told to upsell. When asked for wine recommendation, Ashton gave a pricey (but honest) suggestion.
TELL US NOW. FAMILY TIES 0000 Tim K. shares, I worked for a guy I had known my whole life, used to view him as an uncle o. I was once invited to sit
TELL US NOW. TEAMWORK EXIT Glenn S. says their workplace's director made ridiculous changes and told the staff that if they didn't like it, they could
TELL US NOW. $4 OF LUXURY Nicole B. asked for a raise and the next day I came into work with a cup of Starbucks and he told me in front of other empl
TELL US NOW. SEXIST ASS Lorraine T. had a boss with the audacity to say, When you bend over to pick things up, it's too distracting to the men in the
TELL US NOW. APATHETIC REVIEW Rachel S says, He told me, during my performance review, that he had no idea what I did and didn't care to find out. My
TELL US NOW. CURSES Lindsey A. describes, I was screamed at and called every disgusting name in the book by a customer until I cried. The next day, m
TELL US NOW.  Peter L. mourns, My signing of a non-disclousure agreement precludes me from writing about the small minded, hideously preten
TELL US NOW. MISSING MONEY OMAS Megan S. was the newest hire who was consistently blamed and docked for the $50-100 missing from the till once a week.
TELL US NOW. THE TREND SETTER Jesse D. says,  had this one boss, who was running a multi-million dollar business, that refused to develop a web page
TELL US NOW. EXTRA CRINGEY WOR Travis B. says, We had a staff meeting and my boss introduced our new intern, an Asian student. She didn't know his na
TELL US NOW. MY SHALLOWEST SYMPATHIES Ben G. tells US, My boss made me feel guilty for missing work to attend a funeral. In the end I didn't even go
TELL US NOW. STOLEN VALOR LRIVAO Adam J. found a dollar on the street during a bad day at work. When their supervisor asked how their day was going, A
TELL US NOW. SHARING IS CARING Zara P. shares, One day I overheard the office manager and another employee discussing the new iobs they had gotten. O
TELL US NOW. FAMILY VALUES Sabrina W. tells US, The day after my mom had a massive stroke that left her blind my boss told me I needed to get my prio
TELL US NOW. DR. BOSS Albert M. had a coworker who sustained a serious injury. After being back at work for 2 weeks, our boss asked them if they coul
TELL US NOW. MAKING EXTRA DOUGH B.B. had a boss at a pizza place who was using the store to move cocaine. The product was kept among the flour. I gUe
TELL US NOW. FOOLISH HAPPY FO0LS' DAY! Justina M. tells US their worst boss announced the entire crew's redundancy on April Fools Day. We spent the r
TELL US NOW. 'TIS THE SEASON Mozes Y. shares, Clients were dropping off gifts for all the employees, but his boss decided since I was Jewish and di
TELL US NOW. ANGER MANAGEMENT Kristen L. said, My worst boss took 'angry' to the extremes. He got upset that the restaurant had to comp a bill for a
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