15 Reasons Children Should Be Allowed to Vote

If they can work in a meat processing plant, they can cast a ballot.
15 Reasons Children Should Be Allowed to Vote

Voting is incredibly important: a well-run representative democracy gives everyone a voice and a chance to be part of the politics process. Whether anywhere actually has a well-run one is another matter — there’s some pretty nefarious shit going on when it comes to stopping people being able to vote, and fairly limited choice of who to vote for.

But it’s essential to at least try. And, maybe, just maybe, the best way of trying to make things work best is to allow children to vote.

It might sound dumb, but for a long time only the wealthiest, whitest and male-est people could vote. It wasn’t until 1965 that the Voting Rights Act granted the vote to all sections of adult society, and the 26th Amendment came in in 1971 to lower the voting age to 18. So you can join the U.S. Army at 17, but not vote for another year. You’re considered enough of an adult to drive a car, but not to put an X in the right box — that sucks, surely.

It’s possible that one day, denying children the vote will seem as nuts and backwards as denying it to women and people of color. Or, maybe, everything will go hideously wrong and we’ll all be like, “Yeah, we shouldn’t have put five-year-olds in charge.”

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It Would Provide A Whole New Way to Piss Off Your Racist Grandpa

CRACKED Getting your grandpa, who is very kind to you but has incredibly troubling views, to drive you to the polling station because you're only nine opens up a whole new realm of family irritation: fun!


Politicians Aiming for the Youth Vote Would Try Some Goofy Shit

CRACKED That would be interesting - senators furiously debating while dressed as Spider-Man or clumsily referencing video games to try to seem cool. The memes would be incredible.


They’re Still Learning, Which Might Make the Dumb System Make Sense

CRACKED Right now, 15 months before an election, every American knows how they're voting. Millions will be spent between now and then and no minds will change. Kids might change their minds, which would vaguely justify the whole stupid fucking process.


Voting Would Be A More Multi-Sensory Experience

CRACKED A lot of stuff comes out of children when they're excited or nervous. If kids could vote, some would definitely throw up, pee or poop themselves in the booth, which would make the whole thing a richer experience.


There’s Something Intrinsically Funny About Riding A Tricycle to A Voting Booth

CRACKED It's just a pleasant image.


Adults Can Blame Them for Anything That Goes Wrong

CRACKED Whether it's boogers in the voting booth or electing a fascist, we'd have the ultimate scapegoats - these damn pesky kids. Adults need never feel bad about the consequences of their political decisions again!


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