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The Greatest Stories Ever Told (Summed Up Via Infographic)

History has given us some brilliantly imagined fictional universes with characters so complicated and detailed, they seem to come to life before our very eyes. We sum them up in info-graphics that could be digested in less than three seconds.


OK, maybe you DO have bad luck [COMIC]

Whoever says bad luck doesn't exist hasn't had this happen to them ...



The 7 Ballsiest Ways Anyone Ever Quit Their Job

Living the (insane) dream for all of us.


The 16 Most Embarrassing Photographs of the Next Decade

The images that will be going the bad kind of viral in the next coming years.


Unintentionally Offensive Versions of Famous Logos

The ones they caught before you could see them ... probably.


How to Fight Crime With Computers (In Movies)

A comic that shows a perfect crime foiled by the amazing computer labs you sometimes find in movies.


The 6 Most Badass Skills You Can Learn in Under a Week

There are classes you could take this year that could get you half-way to James Bondhood, many of them taking a week or less of your precious, movie-watching time.


The 6 Most Horrific Ways Pop Culture Has Misused Santa Claus

Here are some uses of Santa Claus that, like magic, will convert your holiday spirit into deep, dark depression.


5 Inspiring Acts of Kindness by Terrifying Crime Syndicates

Hey, thanks Pablo Escobar!


5 Animals That Can Do Amazing Things ... With Their Penises

Sex keeps the animal kingdom going and to meet this task, some have evolved penises that are a cape and a mask away from fighting crime.