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27 Rejected Versions of Famous Album Covers

What did Nirvana's Nevermind cover look like before the 'suits' with 'good sense' got to it?


My Experience on a Desert Island: Things 'Lost' Got Wrong

So by now 'Lost' has ended, and we've found out the truth behind the island, which was actually a Home Depot Garden Center, and that the whole story never actually happened and was merely the fever dream of a dying syphilitic prostitute who was herself living in a computer simulation powered by children's imagination that was sent back in time



5 Ingenious Contraptions Built Out of Nothing But Garbage

Next time you go to throw out that empty beer bottle, just stop and think: Could that be the first piece to your own Fortress of Doom?


If Movie Universes Had Propaganda Posters

Propaganda posters are surprisingly laid back in a world in which Rambo exists.


So You Want to Be an American: 5 Circles of Immigration Hell

Sure, America is awesome, but the country lets in a lot of immigrants through nice legal channels, right? Why don't these Mexicans just try it that way? Well, having gone through immigration myself in 2009 (the legal way), I can tell you right now there's a reason.


5 Horrific Ways Bad Parents Turn Their Kids Into Good Money

Apparently a good bit of America's future is being raised by people who are rock stupid. We're doomed.


If Pop Culture's Greatest Characters Wrote Tell-All Books

What it would look like if some of our favorite fictional characters subjected themselves to the needy bullshit of the tell-all book industry.


5 Silly Initiation Rituals of Famous Sinister Organizations

The Cracked initiation ritual may be ridiculous, but at least we don't rule the roads, the sea and the whole friggin planet. (Yet.)



5 Cheap Magic Tricks Behind Every Psychic

Some people have managed to turn the sentence 'Here's a neat trick that will amuse your family and friends' into 'Here's a way to pretend you have God-like powers and convince crowds of credulous and needy people to give you their money.' And now you can too.


If Superheroes Were Assholes

Let's face it, if we had super powers and lived above the law, it would be almost impossible to not let our inner dick shine through.


The 5 Most Unintentionally Offensive Comic Book Characters

Even if their attempts at racial sensitivity are misguided or poorly thought out, you can't fault them for trying, right? Oh, wait. Of couse you can.