Your Phone Goes Where You Go, Treat It Right W/These 10 Buys

Make your car the futuristic marvel you've always dreamed about.
Your Phone Goes Where You Go, Treat It Right W/These 10 Buys

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You buy a new phone every year, but odds are you're driving a car from five or ten years ago, and that means there's some disconnect. Maybe you have to balance your smartphone on your steering wheel, or maybe you glued a webcam to your fender to help you parallel park. Needless to say, your car isn't the futuristic marvel you've always dreamed about. But thanks to these gadgets, it can be. And they're coming at you fresh from the Cracked Store. (And take an additional 15 percent off with the code PREZDAY15.)

U-Grip Cup Holder Car Mount For Phones And Tablets


Most phone car mounts suction cup to your windshield or dashboard and then fall over when it gets too hot or you play with the suction too much. This one sits right in your cup holder, making your phone just as safe as your most precious cargo: an ice-cold milkshake.

This $59.99 gadget is available now in the Cracked Store for just $12.99, or 78 percent off.

Aduro PowerStation Four-Port USB Charging Station

Your Phone Goes Where You Go, Treat It Right W/These 10 Buys

New cars have USB plugs right there in the dashboard, while old cars just have cigarette lighters. OK, so what if we said we had a cigarette charger that had a USB port? You'd be impressed, right? Well listen, buddy: This one's got four USB ports. We'll let you collect yourself before sharing that it's also available in the Cracked Store for 76 percent off its $49.99 price -- a paltry $11.99.

Gravity X Car Mount


Gravity X is what Tony Stark would use as a phone mount in his car. It can find any tiny gap on your dashboard, and can support the weight of your entire phone. It can even secure your phone in a cave if you need to rest it there for some important reason. Best of all, the Cracked Store has it for 33 percent off -- just $19.99.

ExoMount Magnet Air Universal Smartphone Car Mount

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This universal smartphone mount allows you to look at your device from any angle while driving, thanks to its incredible adjustable positioning. So even if your head was screwed on sideways, you can still use your map app effectively. It's available in the Cracked Store for 23 percent off its regular price -- just $22.95.

GoSafe S37 1080p HD Sony Exmor Sensor Dash Cam


A dashcam is only as good as the footage it provides, which is why the GoSafe adjusts for weather conditions and lighting to make sure everything it records is crystal clear and not blasted with rainwater. That way, you can be sure you'll get maximum Reddit upvotes and/or win a court case about a traffic collision. This $169.99 camera is available in the Cracked Store for just $99.99.

Black Box 1080p Dash Cam

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The Black Box Dash Cam automatically records accidents based on its G-sensors. We're not exactly sure what G-sensors are, but we figure they've got to be better than A-F sensors. It also guarantees crisp 1080p resolution, day or night, complete with audio. This $149.99 device is available in the Cracked Store for just $29.99.

Ztylus Stinger Car Charger Emergency Tool

Your Phone Goes Where You Go, Treat It Right W/These 10 Buys

If you ever get in an accident that requires a glass breaker or seat belt cutter, you're going to want to make sure you know exactly where they are. It might even behoove you to combine it with a tool that you're guaranteed to be using (namely, a phone charger). Blam! Enter the Ztylus Car Charger That Will One Day Save Your Life. It's a device which is as useful as its name is on the nose, and it's available in the Cracked Store for 9 percent off -- just $19.95.

FenSens Smart License Plate Frame

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We can't all afford back up cameras, but the FensSens is a pretty good replacement. It's a motion detector that talks directly to your smartphone, and will keep you from knocking out a bumper/pedestrian. It's available now in the Cracked Store for $119.99.

ENEGARM Wireless Car Charger

Your Phone Goes Where You Go, Treat It Right W/These 10 Buys

You can now charge your phone while it's suspended on your dashboard with this Qi-enabled wireless phone charger. It's kinda like magic, except we can totally explain it with science. It's just $34.99 in the Cracked Store.

HUDWAY Glass Heads Up Navigation Display

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This glass sheet is a transparent heads-up display that projects a map on your dashboard. Yeah, it is 20 percent larger than any smartphone, but we'd take one the size of a thimble if we could have a freaking HUD on our dashboard like it's an X-Wing. It is seriously cool, and it is just $39.95 in the Cracked Store.

Even if you're still rocking the very first Protophone, you can deck it out. Go Big Or Phone Home.

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