This Bundle Is The Silver Lining Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the future of getting stuff done.
This Bundle Is The Silver Lining Of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing, with its ability to deliver on-demand processing power to anywhere on the internet, seems like actual magic. Rather than store everything on your tiny hard drive, a network of processors -- probably thousands of miles away from you in various basements -- do all of the work. But before you say, "I don't trust this. I'd feel much safer burying all of my data and information in different holes that I've dug around my property," just know that cloud computing is the future of getting stuff done. And if you want to get in on the ground floor, you need the Essential Cloud Computing Lifetime Bundle. These four courses will take you from a Cloud Newbie to a Cloud Master.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials


Cloud Essentials is your intro to all things cloud. It guides you through the early steps like a digital Mary Poppins. You'll learn all of the common terms and definitions, become able to describe the relationship between cloud computing and virtualization, figure out the distinction between cloud computing and outsourcing, and master explaining all the technical challenges and risks. This is everything you need to get through the cloud computing interview, but what about when you're actually clouding away as a professional clouder? That's where this next course comes in.

CompTIA Cloud+

This Bundle Is The Silver Lining Of Cloud Computing

You can't just show up at Big Data Industries in your pajamas and scream, "I demand to work the cloud!" These jobs require certification, and at the very least some slacks. This course teaches you how to study and pass the Cloud+ certification program. Along the way you'll learn about cover cloud models, virtualization, infrastructure, and security, because, you know, it actually helps to be able to do this job. The one thing this course doesn't provide, though? Pants.

EXIN Cloud Technology Computing Foundation

This Bundle Is The Silver Lining Of Cloud Computing

This course takes a step back and teaches you the business management side of cloud computing. You'll master auditing, service response, and the delegation of IT responsibilities. Study hard, and not only can you get a job working in cloud computing, but you'll also know what to do if a promotion ever comes your way. (Which it will, because you're great and you have a nice smile.)

CSA Certificate Of Cloud Technology Security Knowledge

This Bundle Is The Silver Lining Of Cloud Computing

Finally, there's the Certificate of Cloud Technology Security Knowledge. This is how you keep the clouds safe from hackers, malicious spyware, and all-around general nastiness. You'll also use this course to prepare for the Cloud Security Alliance CCSK certification exam, because it never hurts to give that resume a bit of extra padding.

This is $499 worth of cloud training available to you right now in the Cracked Store for just $19. That's a pretty good deal for what essentially amounts to mutant powers, plus the ability to explain, in exhaustive, authoritative detail, what the cloud is to anybody you meet. You just can't put a price on that.

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