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Listen, we get it. You want to jump on a lucrative career in coding and web development, but the necessary education is so expensive that Bruce Wayne would have to get a title loan on the Batmobile to pay for it. Well, we've got good news waiting for you at the end of this next sentence: Right now you can get a full computer science education for less than the cost of ten Double Whoppers with the 2019 Complete Computer Science Bundle.

With this bundle, you'll get over 110 hours of instruction in virtually every area of web development, broken up into specialized courses which include ...

An Easy Introduction To Python

This Bundle Offers A Computer Science Education On The Cheap

Even if you read this entry title and thought, "Oh yes, the python is a terrific serpent," this course will help you learn the ins and outs of the Python we're actually talking about (a popular programming language).

Scalable Programming With Scala And Spark


You know how Netflix will recommend every Jean Claude Van Damme movie in existence because you accidentally watched the first five minutes of Street Fighter that one time? That's because of the site's algorithm, and this course will teach you how to create algorithms just like it with Scala and Spark.

Break Away: Programming And Coding Interviews


This course will teach you how to soar through any programming interview like some sort of computer-literate falcon in a suit. If you still can't ace the interview, you either didn't take the course or you forgot to wear the suit.

The Web Development Omnibus: jQuery, AngularJS, And ReactJS


jQuery, AngularJS, and ReactJS are the three main JavaScript building blocks of the internet. They are essentially the Beatles minus Ringo of interactive websites. This course will teach you how to build your own interactive sites from the ground up.

Building Voice Apps Using Amazon Alexa

This Bundle Offers A Computer Science Education On The Cheap

If Alexa has proven anything, it's that shouting at robots is super fun. This course will teach you how to build voice-activated apps for any Alexa-aware device, so you can take your robot chats to the next level.

Building Chatbots With Google DialogFlow


You can use this course to learn how to design chatbots with Google DialogFlow. After you're done, you can build a program that ensures no one in your company ever has to speak directly to whiny customers again.

Using Elastisearch And Kibana

This Bundle Offers A Computer Science Education On The Cheap

This course will teach you the ancient secrets of search engines, and how to mine aggregated data for valuable information. Solve the mystery of how Amazon follows you across the internet with recommendations based on your embarrassing search history.

From 0 To 1: Spark For Data Science In Python

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Data analytics is a big money field right now (and we're not just talking about the winnings in your fantasy football draft). If you want to get a cut of that sweet algorithm pie or shake hands with Nate Silver, then you need to buddy up with Spark. This course will teach you how to use Spark to analyze and identify trends in large amounts of data.

Learn By Example: Scala

This Bundle Offers A Computer Science Education On The Cheap

This course will teach you how to build programs with Scala by kicking you straight off the diving board with hands-on examples. Don't be scared; if being thrown into the deep end is good enough to teach us how to swim for our lives, it's good enough to teach you how to Scala.

Software Testing Omnibus: Sikuli, Selenium, JUnit, And Principles Of Testing

This Bundle Offers A Computer Science Education On The Cheap

A big part of development is testing all your software to make sure it's running properly and not quietly edging toward murderous self-awareness. That last part usually doesn't happen, but spotting bugs is also kind of important. This course will teach you how to use the three main tools of software testing.

Learn By Example: The Foundations Of HTML, CSS, And JavaScript

This Bundle Offers A Computer Science Education On The Cheap

If you try to get a job as a web developer and don't know how to code in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, you will be laughed out of every room in every building ever. We promise. This course will teach you all three languages with do-it-yourself examples.

Normally the Complete Computer Science Bundle would set you back a cool $1,450.99, but right now you can get lifetime access to all 11 courses for $39. That's a 97 percent markdown on a career-launching education, so get on it.

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Still have your doubts? This Code Bundle Won't Break Your Wallet, YOU Pick The Price.

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