The Most Comprehensive Coding Bundle We've Got Is Real Cheap

The Most Comprehensive Coding Bundle We've Got Is Real Cheap

Coding computers ain't like bulls-eyeing womp rats back in Beggar's Canyon, kid. Without precise calculations, you could reformat an entire hard drive, erase a year's worth of code, or miss blowing up a Death Star entirely, we guess. Look, the point is that coding takes extraordinary precision, and if you want to learn to code properly, then check out the most complete coding bundle we've ever offered in the Cracked Store. Sure, the other bundles were pretty cool, but this is the penthouse suite. We're talking $1,356.95 worth of coding classes with the price dropped all the way to $49.99, but available to you right now for a very special $34.99. You'll get:

The Complete Java Masterclass

The Most Comprehensive Coding Bundle We've Got Is Real Cheap

Step by step instructions will guide you through everything you need to know about Java 8 and 9, taking you from a timid beginner to a cocky expert. It's the type of confidence you get where you would loudly boast during strategic military meetings just how good you are at shooting rats in the desert.

The Complete Google Go Programming Course For Beginners

The Most Comprehensive Coding Bundle We've Got Is Real Cheap

This Google-developed programming language uses system-level access to create multi-core programs. It's likely to be one of the most common languages of the 21st century (those guys at Google seem to know what's up most of the time), so understanding it will most certainly pay off in the long term as well as the short term.

Dissecting Ruby On Rails 5

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Despite its name, this class doesn't just teach you Ruby on Rails. It'll also teach you a complete real-world approach to full-stack coding. And it'll do so well, since it was developed using feedback from chief technical officers, senior Rails developers, and other types of people who could probably field phone calls from Ms. Ruby Rails herself.

Working With Financial Data In R

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An important and too often overlooked aspect of any business is risk assessment. As useful as obtaining the Death Star plans would be, it's no good if your entire team is taken out by Stormtroopers, right? The R programming language will help you assess those and other risks, rather than just screaming, "Never tell me the odds!" and colliding ship-first into an asteroid.

The Complete PHP Course With Bootstrap3 CMS System And Admin Panel


PHP is one of the most popular web development programs around, and not only will this course teach you how to use it, but it'll also teach you advanced techniques for managing your own website. (Trust us, it's not as easy as it looks.)

The Complete Javascript Developer Course

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One might say that Javascript surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the internet together. Mastering Javascript is your first step into a larger world. Let this course be your Obi-Wan.

From 0 To 1: Learn Python Programming -- Easy As Pie

The Most Comprehensive Coding Bundle We've Got Is Real Cheap

Python, like the snake from which it derives its name, is a simple but powerful programming language that will strangle the life out of you if you look at it funny. This course will help make sure you use your Python powers for good, not evil.

Advanced Machine Learning In Python With Tensorflow

The Most Comprehensive Coding Bundle We've Got Is Real Cheap

This course grants you access to deep learning modules, which will take the Python skills you learned in the last course to the next level. Think of it as the first step toward programming your very own sassy protocol droid.

Git Complete: The Definitive, Step By Step Guide

The Most Comprehensive Coding Bundle We've Got Is Real Cheap

Git is a version control system that tracks file edits, allowing developers to pinpoint the source and time of any change. If the Empire had used it, they would've realized right away that Galen Erso intentionally put a flaw in the Death Star. Prevent the destruction of your own titanic space station by taking this course.

All nine of these courses are available for, again, the devastatingly cheap price of $34.99 in the Cracked Store. May the course be with you.

Still not sold on this super mega deal? Define your own budget with the Pay What You Want: Learn To Code 2018 Bundle.

Make something of your newfound knowledge with Become A Professional Code Monkey In 3 Easy Steps.

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