Sometimes we like to take a break from writing words about superheroes to look at images of words written by superheroes. To show you what we mean here's another installment from our friends over at Texts From Superheroes. Check out their website here.

Messages Tony Contacts Assemble the team. Red Skull's returned along with his Nazi conspirators. Actually they're called the Alt-right now. They wea

Messages Avengers Contacts Christmas movie marathon tonight. What should we watch? Home Alone, a genius kid using inventions to outwit bad guys. It's

20 Extremely Real Texts From Superheroes

Messages Hawkeye Contacts Want to buy some gently used arrows? Describe gently used. I pulled them out of my body. Gross. No. 1 have 1300 to sell. Who

...00 Not A Virgin 4G 3:44 PM 90% Messages Cable Contacts Wanna do another team up this weekend? Can't, I'm supposed to go see Cyclops for Father's Da

Messages Poison Ivy Contacts What is this bat-envelope you sent me? A one way ticket to the Amazon. Ha! Trying to get rid of me? Are you that scared o

20 Extremely Real Texts From Superheroes

BAT&T 4G 3:44 PM 90% Messages Superman Contacts Can you come to the mansion and X-ray my presents for me? Not a chance. Please I know it's not the spi

...00 X-Mobile 6:16 PM 90% Messages Beast Contacts Beast, could you help me find a mutant cure? Rogue, we are evolved. not diseased. There is nothing

...00 Sprint LTE 3:44 PM 90% Messages Aquaman Contacts I need help with some smugglers near the pier. How about a team-up? Sure. I'll meet you there.

Messages Punisher Contacts Do you have any villains I can kill? No! Don't kill my villains. I'm out of people to kill. Maybe I could take out a person

...00 Super 4G 3:52 PM 90% Messages Supergirl Contacts Hey cousin, I was just fighting our Aunt Astra and she showed up wearing a Kryptonite-proof sui

...00 BAT&T 4G 6:52 PM 52% Messages Superman Contacts f respect your patience. don't know how you deal with the fact that your greatest enemy is also

Messages Robin Contacts Where's the Teen Titans base? It's the giant T-shaped building in the middle of the river. Not your decoy base. Your actual ba

...00 Super 4G 3:44 PM 90% Messages Diana Contacts Your city is under attack! The sun has disappeared and white death is falling from the sky! That's

Texts From Superheroes is written by Internet comedian Diana McCallum and stand-up comedian Andrew Ivimey. They also have a podcast!

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