Sentient Computers Will Bow To YOU With This Python Bundle

Sentient Computers Will Bow To YOU With This Python Bundle

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Learning to program is essentially like having a debate with your computer. First you catch the computer in a mistake. Then you humiliate it and bend it to your will. OK, perhaps our debate club comparison was especially Machiavellian, but our point still stands: If you want a career in programming, you're going to need to understand how to win arguments with your computer without resorting to suplexing your monitor.

And that's where the Python Programming Bundle comes in. This is an extensive yet novice-friendly training regimen that'll take you from Python beginner to Python master. The programs include ...


Learn Python With 70+ Exercises

Start here if you're completely new to programming. With 93 lectures and 5.5 hours of content, this course will teach you all the Python basics, like "variables" and "strings" and "lists." And for anyone so new to tech that they type out "www" at the top of their search engine, there are no actual pythons in these training exercises. "Python" is the name of the programming language. Glad we got that out of the way.

The Complete Python Programming Boot Camp: Beginner To Advanced

These four hours of straightforward instructional content will teach you how to set up Python, learn the operators in Python, discover different types of statements in Python, and in general, master the Python fundamentals. We see you're still looking for a snake. Please just accept that there ARE. NO. PYTHONS ... or any reptiles at all for sale here today.

Python For Programmers

Now that you know the basics of Python, it's time to step back and get programming. These six hours of lectures and tests will introduce you to "If Statements," a key component to programming with Python, and not just a way to motivate you to go to the gym. ("If I do ten more push-ups, I'll buy myself a whole pizza.") You'll understand user input, build multiple projects, and explore dictionaries and classes.

Advanced Machine Learning In Python With TensorFlow

TensorFlow is an open source software library that uses Python to design, build, and train deep learning modules. Confused? Then think of it this way. Remember in Rick And Morty, when Pickle Rick used his tongue to manipulate a network of rat brains? You'll kind of be doing that, except instead of being a pickle, you'll be a person at a computer, and instead of using your tongue, you'll be using code, and instead of animating rats, you'll be constructing graphs and models. There, that's much clearer now.

Selenium WebDriver With Python 3.x: Novice To Ninja

This program will teach you to use Python with Selenium WebDriver. You'll have 25 hours of lessons showing you how to use real-time hosted web applications, and how to automate different components. Think of it as the cherry on top of the Python sundae. (Which, now that we say it, is the most horrifying dessert we can think of.)

And, finally ...

A Live Python

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Kidding! No pythons. We just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Don't buy this kit if you want to own a snake. We're not selling snakes. We're selling a stable career. The Absolute Python Bundle is $559 worth of courses available now at a very special Pay What You Want offer -- just beat the average price, and you can get all five apps.

You don't need to be Nikola Tesla to put technology in its place. This bundle will have the Droids catering to your every whim in no time.

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