Read, Just, ALL Of The Books With These 5 Bundles

Remember reading books?
Read, Just, ALL Of The Books With These 5 Bundles

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Remember reading books? It's that thing that people used to do before video games and sharing memes came along. Well, it turns out that books can be just as fun as both of those things, and also good for your brain. So read every book you can, and use these subscriptions and training bundles to help you save both time and money while you do it.

Scribd Subscriptions

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If you wish books were available via a streaming service like Netflix or Spotify, you should consider getting a Scribd subscription. Scribd offers an unlimited number of books, magazines, and audiobooks each month, including new releases, bestsellers, and even literary classics such as Moby Dick or the Animorphs series. Rather than requiring you to invest in an e-reader, Scribd delivers all of those beautiful, tasty words directly to your laptop or smartphone. For less than the cost of a single John Grisham paperback a month, you can read as many books as your personal schedule will allow. (And we're guessing it can allow quite a bit.) Right now, you can take 21 percent off the normal rate of $107.88 and get a one-year subscription to Scribd for only $85.

Become A SuperLearner 2: Speed Reading And Memory

Read, Just, ALL Of The Books With These 5 Bundles

Let's say you want to tear through the entire Dark Tower series as quickly as possible so you can finally decide whether or not the movie was any good. If you've got five hours (just cut out your Pinterest addiction and you're ready), then you've got the time to take this course. It will teach you tricks and techniques to blast your reading speed with gamma rays, allowing you to see every single word of A Song Of Ice And Fire in less time than it takes to watch all of Game Of Thrones. You'll also learn strategies to improve your memory, reading comprehension, and recall, so you'll actually remember what happens in the books you speed-read your way through. Click the link to get lifetime access to the course for $11.99, a 94 percent markdown off the normal price of $199.99.

The 2018 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle

Read, Just, ALL Of The Books With These 5 Bundles

If you're serious about reading every book on the planet before the reaper claims your proverbial library card, then the 2018 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle will have you reading up to three times faster. In the bundle, you receive lifetime access to 7 Speed Reading EX 2018, which will train you to increase your reading speed and retention. That way you're not just blasting through walls of text without actually absorbing any of it. You also get Spreeder CX 2018, an electronic reader that will allow you to upload any reading material you want and keep your speed-reading muscles in shape. Normally the 2018 Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle sells for $478, but today you get lifetime access at 96 percent off for just $19.

Audible 60-Day Free Trial With Two Audiobooks

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Having stories read to you is awesome, and no one should have ever been expected to grow out of it. That's why Audible, the audiobook app that makes it easy to listen to audiobooks and download new ones, has been so freakin' successful. Audible has the world's largest library of audiobooks -- almost half a million -- and right now you can get a 60-day membership with two audiobooks for free. Simply click the link below, and you'll get two months of Audible, plus two audiobooks you get to keep forever, for zero dollars and zero cents. If you never grew out of story time, you have literally no excuse not to click this link.

Become A Speed Reading Machine: Read 300 Books This Year


When you think of superpowers that would actually be practical to real life, the ability to read an entire book every day would be pretty high on that list. (Sorry, invisibility, but you've gotten too creepy.) With this course, you'll learn how to digest full volumes of the written word in the same amount of time you'd spend rewatching a handful of NCIS episodes. You'll learn tricks to instantly double your reading speed, and how to use what you learn from all this extra reading to make more money, which suddenly makes this the best superpower to have in any setting. Normally, lifetime access to this course costs $195, but you can take 87 percent off that price and get it for only $25.

Whether your favorite stories come from Reaction Comics or Curious George books are important. And so are you.

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