Put An End To Robocalls With This Convenient App

Robocalls are the main reason none of us answer our phones anymore.
Put An End To Robocalls With This Convenient App

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When our forefathers and foremothers dreamed of a future filled with technology that would make our lives easier, they never imagined that robocalls would be part of the equation. People in America receive over 35 billion unwanted automated calls each year. This is the main reason none of us answer our phones anymore, unless we recognize the number. (And sometimes not even then -- "Grandma" could just be a clever ruse by a robot trying to ruin your credit score.)

Since a war with the machines is not yet in the cards, downloading Call Control is the best way to protect yourself from irritating telemarketing calls, and right now you can get a one-year subscription for under 20 bucks.

Call Control is a smartphone app compatible with the latest versions of iOS and Android. It will stop unwanted calls like a mountainside stops Wile E. Coyote. It automatically blocks numbers from a database of known spam callers. And you can add new numbers to the list whenever one manages to get through, and add any numbers you want to your own personal block list, just in case you're being spammed by a local business you used exactly one time, or have heard as much as you care to from this "Mom" person.

Some scam calls are pretty convincing, using cloned phone numbers and official-sounding recordings to trick you into thinking you're speaking to an actual business rather than just some dude operating an autodialer several thousand miles away. Luckily, Call Control features an enhanced caller ID, giving you a Terminator-style readout of all known information about the number calling you. That way, you'll know whether it's legitimately the IRS or an elaborate flimflam artist asking where to mail your refund check. Call Control also gets regular updates from government organizations like the FCC (and the IRS) about the latest reported phone scams, so you can stay protected against even the most cutting-edge trickery.

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Call Control also has a reverse directory built right in, allowing you to look up any number and find out who's been calling you. You can then report your experiences with the number to let other users know if it's one to add to the block party. You can even set Do Not Disturb times on your phone, automatically blocking any calls you receive at night, during a meeting, or at a Thursday matinee screening of the next Avengers movie.

Normally, a one-year premium subscription to Call Control sells for $29.99, but you can click here right now to save 33 percent and start protecting your phone from harassing robocalls for just $19.99.

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