Master The Web With Your Coding Skills With This Sick Bundle

Every person has at least one great idea in them.
Master The Web With Your Coding Skills With This Sick Bundle

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Every person has at least one great idea in them. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, Ada Lovelace outlined the very first version of software, and somebody must have first came up with the phrase "Sorry, not sorry." The point is we are all capable of greatness, so long as we have the tools to succeed. Since the web is the new frontier for innovation, the Reactive JavaScript Course & eBook Bundle, which is designed to teach you the ins and outs of web development, is exactly what you need to make your dreams a reality. And come on, pursuing your passion beats whatever dead-end job you're currently stuck in. Sorry, not sorry.



HTML without JavaScript is like a Furby without batteries -- it kinda works as a stuffed animal, but any interactions that happen will mostly be of your own imagination and probably very sad. At the most basic level, JavaScript lets you add dynamic behavior to your static documents, like cute animations and client-side form validation. And when you really dive into the document object model (DOM), you can turn those boring letters and numbers into full-fledged applications. If you're new to JavaScript or just rough around the edges, you'll definitely want to check out React, which is coming at you right in the next section!



Under the hood, Facebook's React library is just like JavaScript. It allows you to make slick app interfaces out of modular components without any jarring page reloads. (For the uninitiated, random page reloads are telemarketing calls of coding.) React makes such aggressive coding actions easy to implement and maintain, and the learning curve is smoother than a cue ball dipped in butter. By itself, it only deals with what you see on the page, but it plays well with other web frameworks, like ...


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Unlike the tangled spaghetti that makes up most website code, Angular is like grandma's lasagna, perfectly layered to bring some rigor to your development pattern. Essentially, it simplifies and standardizes the points of communication between front-end UI and back-end logic, so you can make rich single-page applications without needing to have Bill Gates on speed dial. Also, it's maintained by Google, making this a savvy skill to have when the Alphabet corporation eventually takes over the world.



JavaScript code usually only runs in your browser window, but Node.js extends its reach to the server. Why does that matter? Because it allows you to write your apps in a single language. This makes it optimal for programs that need frequent round trips across the internet, like online gaming and video calls to your parents in jail. And while you may have lost your best excuse to avoid calling mom (or as she's known to the system, B4285L2P), you'll have gained an invaluable asset in digital expertise.

To help you explore these web development topics in depth, we are offering the Reactive JavaScript Course & eBook Bundle in the Cracked Shop. This collection includes five comprehensive courses on JavaScript, Angular, and the MEAN stack, as well as e-books on React and Node. It usually goes for over $500, but you can snatch it up for 94 percent off, just $29.

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