Keep Track Of Your Embarrassing Data W/This Backup Service

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The days when you could rely on hardware to house your data are over. If you want to keep track of all your favorite embarrassing photos, unfinished movie scripts, and 14,000-word letters to that guy who pissed you off seven years ago (he needs to understand how you felt about his awful parallel parking job), then you gotta go digital. Why? Because no hard drive can give you the security that'll help you sleep at night, or enough space to store all 10,000 of your ocean noise soundtracks that help you sleep at night. But don't worry, because there's Degoo.

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Degoo is a one-stop data backup service that offers more space than Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive combined. It's insanely easy to set up, offers great options for sharing data with friends and family, and even automatically performs backups for all your devices. Are you worried about Windows or Mac compatibility? Don't. It works with those, as well as Android and iOS, and will probably work with your toaster if given enough updates.

And of course, it comes in varying sizes to fit every lifestyle. Pick up a lifetime subscription of 1 TB for $49.99 (normally $900), 2 TB for $59.99 (normally $1,200), 3 TB for $69.99 (normally $1,500), or 10 TB for $99.99 (normally $3,600) right here in the Cracked Shop. You'll save major cash on your monthly iCloud subscription (which you likely forgot about), and you can even say "Screw the man" as you do it. Win-win

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Still haven't seen the backup for YOU? Store Your Data In The Cloud Of Your Choice With These Items.

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