Finally Write That Screenplay With This Incredible Bundle

Finally Write That Screenplay With This Incredible Bundle

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If you're trying to break into Hollywood with your awesome pilot script for a show about a bridge club that solves mysteries or your feature-length drama about a Victorian dentist who solves mysteries, you have to know how to properly write and format a screenplay (and maybe a little bit about mysteries).

You can't just staple a bunch of Post-It notes together, or name all the characters after the actors you want them to perform. If your script doesn't meet the industry standards of formatting and readability, every copy of Jon Hamm: Mystery Dentist you send out will get tossed in the trash without a second glance. That's why you need WriterDuet Pro. And right now, you can get it at 58 percent off. WriterDuet Pro is a must-have tool for getting your work seen by the right people, with features which include ...

Industry-Standard Formatting

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WriterDuet was created by screenwriters, and it automatically puts your script into the format that's used industry-wide. That way, you don't have to agonize over whether you've used the correct indent or line spacing, and instead can concentrate on coming up with the best witty retort for your hero to deliver to the villainous space pirate captain.

Real-Time Collaboration

WriterDuet lets you work with a friend or a whole team of fellow writers in real time, whether you're pitching ideas on the collaborative corkboard or drafting scenes. Plus, each revision is stamped with a date, time, and writer, so you can freely find out who made what changes and when. Make sure to punish their missteps accordingly.

Interactive Corkboard

WriterDuet Pro includes a fully customizable corkboard for you and any collaborators to use to pitch ideas, create outlines, and organize scenes with color-coded index cards that can be effortlessly edited and moved around.

Import And Export Scripts In Every Major File Format

WriterDuet can import and export documents to Microsoft Word, Final Draft, Celtix, Fountain, and more, so you can easily share your work in virtually any format you need. This means if some writing guru comes along to send you notes, you can quickly implement them without having to transcribe the entire document.

Automatic File Syncing For Online And Offline Work

WriterDuet is a browser-based program, so you can easily pick up your project on any machine. It uses local backups and auto-syncing to make sure you never lose important changes, even if your power suddenly goes out or some local hooligans jack the WiFi in the coffee shop.

If your dream is to write the next hit Netflix show, WriterDuet Pro can make it happen, and right now, you can get a lifetime subscription at 58 percent off for only $99.99.

You'll have to advertise your brand after you make it big. Show off your talents using the Plugmatter Professional Plan: 1-Yr Subscription or the Page Builder Pro: Lifetime Subscription.

Want more writing firepower on your side? Make Your Hollywood Dreams A Reality With Final Draft.

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