Disconnect Will Make You The Speediest Ghost On The Internet

How do you keep yourself from wandering into the proverbial windowless vans of the internet?
Disconnect Will Make You The Speediest Ghost On The Internet

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From an early age, we were all taught to look both ways when crossing the street, to avoid strange men in vans who claimed to have candy, and to never trash-talk a gorilla unless you have the wrestling skills to back it up. However, when it came to internet safety, we were pretty much left to flail about helplessly in the desolate wasteland called the World Wide Web. Since that time, Facebook has sold us all out, net neutrality pretty much died, and countless people have had their information hacked or stolen.

So how do you keep yourself from wandering into the proverbial windowless vans of the internet? It starts with privacy solutions like Disconnect. Disconnect is both a VPN and an ad tracker/blocker, and has been hailed by The New York Times, Tom's Guide, and the SXSW Interactive Conference as one of the best privacy and security programs on the planet. But how does this help you, exactly? Well ...

It Keeps Your Data And Identity Private

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, and when you're using one, it's kinda like your connection is in a virtual reality immune to queries from websites, internet service providers, Russian troll farms, and other active agents on the web. See, even seemingly innocuous browsing, like connecting to Starbucks' WiFi or clicking on a well-disguised ad, can come with unforeseen consequences. Some tech-savvy sludge sucker (TSSS for short) can gain access to your computer without your knowledge and obtain your credit card info while you're checking out on Amazon, or watch you while you're sleeping through your laptop's camera. (That's why it helps to also put some tape over the lens when you're not using it.) Using a VPN encrypts your connection and masks your IP address and location, meaning those TSSS's will get completely rerouted or fed the wrong information if they try to spy on you.

It Actually Improves Your Browser's Speed

Most VPNs slow down your browsing speed because they're rerouting your traffic like TRON to ensure you're completely anonymous online. Disconnect does the anonymity thing, of course, but it actually improves your browsing speed, because it blocks ad trackers and malware. If you were to hypothetically leave this page (please don't!), open another somewhere, and just leave it in the background for a little while, you may find that your computer slows to a crawl. That's because many sites will send hundreds of ad tracking requests to your IP to ensure they can re-target you with ads. Disconnect blocks those pesky little buggers, and even lets you see exactly what they are, so you can point and laugh in their faces. Studies have shown that Disconnect can actually improve your browsing speed by up to 44 percent while using up to 39 percent less bandwidth. That's fancy talk for your internet becoming fast and safe AF.

The flippin' NEW YORK TIMES said Disconnect is their "anti-tracking tool of choice." That's high praise! So this must cost a whole lot, right? That is incorrect. Right now, you can get a three-year Premium subscription for 80 percent off at just $29. Take the internet back! This is your Independence Day!!!!

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