As editors at Cracked, we're proud of all of the articles that pass through our mighty halls. But every once in a while, we get a piece we like so much that we wish we could publish it twice. So now we are! Here are 27 articles from 2018 that we found to be particularly informative, hilarious, and/or profound. They are not presented in any particular order, despite the obvious numbers next to each of them.

Good television almost seems effortless, as if all the pieces came together at once and everyone went home happy. But this is rarely the case. Often, good TV is forced to barrel past a bunch of insanity going on behind the scenes. Like how John Belushi would sabotage anything written by a woman on SNL, or how a major star and the creator of Community were seemingly in a competition to see who could make things worse for everyone else.

Anti-drug films taught generations of people that the slightest hint of marijuana in a room would turn mild-mannered people into the Joker. But even dumber than that is how these films portrayed women. In trying to protect the ladyfolk from the dangers of weed, these films produced some of the most sexist things imaginable.

It's a classic American pastime to find yourself watching Judge Judy on a lazy Tuesday afternoon. And, while watching her magnificently smack down lackluster roommates and conniving exes, you probably wonder how a show like that comes together. Well wonder no more, fans of 2 p.m. TV, because we've got the juicy details right here.

Stop Telling Yourself Trump's Supporters Are Turning On Him

By Ian Fortey

At this very moment, a hundred news sites are publishing articles about how Donald Trump's latest actions are finally turning his fanbase blue. Except they're not. And they never have. And they likely never will.

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