Become A Data Wizard With These 3 Course Bundles

Become A Data Wizard With These 3 Course Bundles

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Data science and analytics constitute the part of your business where you gather up all the information you can about your company and/or product and draw conclusions using graphs and charts and mandatory afternoon meetings. Its quickly become one of the most important aspects of success. Seriously, you'll get laughed out of Shark Tank if you don't know your numbers. That's why you need to hone your data science skills. And these three bundles are here to help.

The Ultimate Data And Analytics Bundle: Lifetime Subscription

Become A Data Wizard With These 3 Course Bundles

If you're looking to become the undisputed lord of data analytics at the office, or just want to add some muscle to your resume without resorting to fibbing, then take a look at the Ultimate Data and Analytics bundle. This training bundle contains over 1,500 hours (that's 1.5 The Dark Knight Riseses) of instruction in the essential software used for business analytics and business intelligence, including SAS, R, and Oracle, with certificates of completion offered for each. That way, your current or prospective employers know you didn't just watch a ten-minute YouTube video on database management.

Normally this gigantic bundle would set you back $2,099 (wowza!), but right now you can get lifetime access to the whole shebang at a whopping 98 percent off for only $29 (double wowza!).

The Excel And Google Sheets Mastery Bundle: Lifetime Access


If you're working with an ocean of data, then you're gonna need to know how to navigate Excel and Google Sheets like a wizened old sea captain (no eye patch required). The Excel and Google Sheets Mastery Bundle gives you over 35 hours of training in both programs, teaching you time-saving macros and functions, how to create formulas, how to automate certain processes with scripts, and how to create and implement tables and charts, among many other things.

You'll even receive certification of your training, so you can have your skills in frame-able form to take to your next job interview or hang proudly above the fireplace. Normally this bundle sells for $690, but right now you can knock 97 percent off that price and get lifetime access to the whole thing for only $19.

The Complete Tableau 10 Data Science Bundle


Collecting and analyzing data is vital in crafting business strategy, but it can feel duller than watching a lecture on drying paint. That's why people rely on data visualization tools to make all of this vital information easier to read and digest, and Tableau 10 is the data visualization tool of choice for major corporations.

With 184 lessons and over 15 hours of instruction, this bundle will teach you how to become a master of Tableau 10, even if you've never heard of data visualization before or assumed Tableau 10 was a new Apple device. Normally the Complete Tableau 10 Data Science Bundle retails for $623.96, but right now you can chop 96 percent off that price and get lifetime access to the whole bundle for just $19.

I Want To Believe data science can unlock the secrets of creating a personal Chimera ... but yeah, sure, statistics are cool, too.

Looking for more? Become A Mad Data Scientist With This Affordable Bundle.

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