Become A Game Developer In 9 Easy (And Affordable) Steps

Become A Game Developer In 9 Easy (And Affordable) Steps

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Creating a video game often seems like it would require some form of technical sorcery. In reality, it's really only a matter of stacking simple skills. So if you've dreamt all your life of making the next great gaming franchise ("Look, bro. It's like Halo, but a little more Kingdom Hearts-y"), but felt overwhelmed by the sheer impossibility of programming, know that it is in fact very possible. This Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle will guide you through game creation step by step, and we're offering it to you for 96 percent off in our shop. Here are the nine steps it takes to become a god of the digital realm:

Pay Homage To The Almighty Jumpman

Become A Game Developer In 9 Easy (And Affordable) Steps

There's a reason every game from over 25 years ago involved cartoons jumping sideways. Simulating 2D environments is just way easier to do, and often gets the point across quicker than dramatic shadows, multiple dialogue choices, and wonky camera controls. You'll use the Ultimate Unity Beginners Boot Camp to make your first-ever video game, and much like your gaming forefathers before you, said game will be a platformer.

Add An Extra Dimension (Of Violence)

Become A Game Developer In 9 Easy (And Affordable) Steps

After you train your diminutive avatars to sprint left and right, you should teach them the other most essential skill in video games: copious shooting. With Unity Game Development: Build a First-Person Shooter, you will learn how to create 3D environments, manage object collision, and explore enemy AI pathfinding. You'll essentially be able to create your own version of GoldenEye, which means that you'll be able to create your own version of Oddjob, which means that you will soon dominate all who oppose you.

Make Graphics For Children

Become A Game Developer In 9 Easy (And Affordable) Steps

MagicaVoxel is an editor that helps you populate your digital world with 3D assets (called voxels) quickly and efficiently. Put more simply, this course will teach you how to create the landscape of your game. World-building, baby! TREES. AND. STUFF. Your game's graphics might start out as colored blocks a la Minecraft, but if you've seen what some have accomplished on Minecraft, then you would be wise not to underestimate the power of a painted hexahedron and plenty of patience.

Make Graphics For Hipsters

Become A Game Developer In 9 Easy (And Affordable) Steps

Unfortunately, not every game can be made out of chunky 8-bit pixels. But you don't need to render every bead of sweat on Link's chin to make a smash hit. Low-poly meshes can be kneaded just as quickly as voxels, and their crystalline aesthetic is charmingly twee. In Blender for Non-Artists, you'll learn how to crank out enough fighting polygons to take down the entire Super Smash Bros. lineup ten times over.

Bring Your Sprites To Glorious Life


Now that you've mastered the aesthetic of PlayStation-era skeletons, you're ready to go down to the next sub-basement of the graphics dungeon and seance them to unholy life. However, this time around, they'll have some discernible features. The Unity Game Development Academy: Make 2D & 3D Games will teach you how to simulate physical interactions, achieve cinematic lighting, and create unskippable cutscenes that we implore you not to use. Please. We are begging you.

Abandon Everything For Mobile

Swift 10

Now that you have acquired the skills to craft a rich gaming experience, it's time to pound your ambitions into a monetized, addictive pacifier for introverts to play in the elevator. Hey, game designers need to eat too. You can cash out with the included Swift 3 programming course, and learn the tricks of the devil trade that is mobile games. You'll cover topics like how to implement multiple levels, create tracking points, and, of course, devise in-app purchases.

Learn Python

Become A Game Developer In 9 Easy (And Affordable) Steps

Python is a programming language that is in extremely high demand, and this course will teach it to you while also assisting you in building your own game. Think of it as killing two proverbial pigs with the same Angry Bird stone. If you want to have a resume item that'll make any potential employer's eyes pop out of their heads, Looney Tunes-style with a big BOING sound, then this course is a must.

Get Unreal


Unreal is definitely not made for beginners, but heck, you're at step eight now. You've climbed this mountain with nothing but the clothes on your back and a 12-foot metal sign that says "CALL ME, HIDEO KOJIMA." You're ready for it. The Unreal Engine is unmatched when it comes to making dazzlingly realistic first-person games and proving to skeptical parents that this video game hobby might actually turn into something more. In this course, you'll build your skills making six simple games, including "Turret," "Shooter," and "Runner Switcher." By the end, you'll emerge as a beautifully rendered butterfly, flapping your wings in the digital breeze. A single tear will fall from Shigeru Miyamoto's eye. "Beautiful," he will say as he tightly clutches a Nintendo Switch to his chest.

Go Back And Do It All Again

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Even if your super-genius brain absorbed every single detail from these resources, you should go through Master Video Game Making to keep it limber. Aside from providing a quick review of the material that you've already glossed over, this instructional digestive will help demystify some of the terminology used in the video game industry. So even if your version of Mario can't help but trip over his own mustache, you'll at least be able to pretend you know what you're talking about.

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