2 New Shirts for TMNT and 'Doctor Who' Fans


Well well well, if it isn't another week of our new Society6 store just killin' it. The shirts are 1) softer, 2) available in more colors, 3) shipped cheaper or for free, and 4) priced cheaper. People just can't get enough. At this point we're rolling out new designs just to meet new demand ... and also because these new designs are rad as hell and perfect for any wardrobe.


Stay in school, kids. No, really: if you approach it the right way, even America's wildly overpriced and poorly organized institutions of the highest learning can be good for you. Just look at these heroes who turned graduate school (the most confounding of schools!) into the first step in a lifetime of adventure. This design-contest-winning idea by Stephen Dye pulls all your favorite doctoral badasses together into one design, with plenty of capes and fezzes to go around, because capes and fezzes are cool. So get your degree, kiddo. It might be the start of something allons-y.

2 New Shirts for TMNT and 'Doctor Who' Fans

We believe it takes a certain kind of goofball personality to be an artist. Specifically, one of the four personality types. So if any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle has the precocious pizza-chiseling gifts of a Renaissance master, it's got to be a certain nunchaku-packin' dude. This DJKopet design brings Michelangelo and Mikey together across the ages/media, for an art project of epic proportions. Get it on the softest tee ever, thanks to Society6. Which reminds us to remind you ...

You Don't Have to Stop at T-Shirts

Like a certain brilliant artist in a half shell, we're here to provide you with any of our designs on a lovely art print or poster.

2 New Shirts for TMNT and 'Doctor Who' Fans

Or sip the tasty bev of your choice from one of our mugs, maybe while you contemplate the moon (IF THAT IS A MOON):

2 New Shirts for TMNT and 'Doctor Who' Fans

Try one of our shirt designs in a sleek, sleeveless style, because extra fabric just slows down a space voyage:


And our humble-yet-mighty store can outfit the whole rest of your life too! Whether you're looking for hoodies, V-necks, or iPhone cases fit for the best president, we've got it covered.

2 New Shirts for TMNT and 'Doctor Who' Fans

In Brightest Day, in Blackest Friday

Black Friday: don't fall for it again. The big-box stores will be insane, the roads will be havoc, and you'll be too full of turkey to actually want to leave your house. Luckily our new store is a Lantern Corps-style alliance of Cracked and Society6, two superpowers of net-fun seeking to keep you out of harm's way and in your pajamas. Watch for site-wide free shipping on S6 soon (if not now!), and use those money-saving powers to get all your holiday shopping done fast, on or before the madness of Cyber Monday/Black Friday/Crap-It's-Almost-Christmas.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Or maybe you looked through literally hundreds of Cracked and Society6 designs and said, "What else is out there?" Well, you're awfully hard to please, but damned if we don't respect your willingness to demand the best for yourself. So here ya go ya choosy so-and-so: our favorite five new T-shirt designs from the whole rest of the Internet. Buy theirs or buy ours -- we just want you to be happy/stylish/sexy.


sesery HeoS

Available at BustedTees


2 New Shirts for TMNT and 'Doctor Who' Fans

Available at Design by Humans



Available at Threadless



Available at Society6


2 New Shirts for TMNT and 'Doctor Who' Fans

Available at Threadless

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