2 New Shirts for Stephen King & History Fans


It doesn't take an Oscar nomination to prove that EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. And, thanks to the Internet, you can find 1) more of what you like, 2) more people who like it, 3) lots of high-quality T-shirts, phone cases, and more celebrating it at an affordable price. We bring up that last point because we've got a billion designs full of awesome that you'll love, including these brand-new offerings ...


Bullying: if we all listened to Stephen King and cartoon bears LIKE WE OUGHT TO, it would no longer exist. Unfortunately, it hasn't gone the way of the giant sea scorpion yet; fortunately, it helped create the next great fictional-universes mashup. Pick a color and make this your belly badge (or other cool item insignia), and it'll tell everyone, "No, I do not support willful cruelty to others, in this world or any other. And damn do I have good taste in pop culture, or what? Point is: The Golden Rule, and also I look great."

2 New Shirts for Stephen King & History Fans

Dinosaurs: is there no part of the human experience they couldn't have improved? Because while humans never walked with thunder lizards (let alone crazy potential lizard people), we could have had THE BEST adventures with them if we did. This design might be the very best adventure of all, with the king of the reptiles doing the king of presidents a solid. Wipe that astonished look off your face, Booth. You can't go yelling "Sic semper tyrannis" and expect a Tyrannosaur to just let it go.

Our Mugs + Our Contest = Your Success

We've run many a T-shirt design contest in the past, but this is our first one specifically geared toward our mugs. The theme is Mugshots for Mugs, because puns, but mainly because there are so many Young Frank Sinatra and Old Elvis Presley mugshot tchotchkes out there, but there's nothing dedicated to the crimes of secretly crappy heroes like Walt "Hung With Leni Riefenstahl" Disney, Thomas "Allegedly Burned Tesla's Stuff" Edison, and Christopher "I Love the Smell of Colonization in the Morning" Columbus. Find a real and celebrated person, draw up their deserved police-booking, and post the image to this forum thread before Friday, Jan. 23. If we like your idea, we'll put it in our store and on mugs like these ...

2 New Shirts for Stephen King & History Fans


... along with any other item we can think of. Plus, you'll get $500 and a feature in this space, to be celebrated as the person who brought Henry "Ol' Nazi Medals" Ford to imagined justice.

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Maybe our immense store plus Society6's endless additional designs aren't enough to cover exactly what you're hoping to wear. That's fine. We can take it. But we're so confident we've got you covered, we scoured the Internet for its five best new shirt designs from this week and gathered them here for your perusal. So check them out. Mull them over. Ask yourself if they're from a store that prints its tees on soft and socially positive American Apparel garments. And then purchase away, friend. We know what you'll be buying in the end.


t IE:NIE M E. HONDA'S Certified Pre-Owned Cars

Available at BustedTees


2 New Shirts for Stephen King & History Fans

Available at Design by Humans


2 New Shirts for Stephen King & History Fans

Available at Society6



Available at Naolito


2 New Shirts for Stephen King & History Fans

Available at Threadless

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