We love comics characters because they capture our imaginations. And that makes a litany of comics mashup ideas as inevitable as a "hey, they're all zombies now" storyline. With that in mind, we're introducing two new designs to our still-new Society6 store. They're mashups, and they're so much more, because, not to get all Silver Age corny about it, but we believe your T-shirts (and phone cases, and hoodies, and everything else) can be as awesome as you are.


Speaking of relentless kindness and optimism, how did no one beat us to this gem? How can one man not only ennoble astronomy but inspire the next generation of culturally minded scientists? And how can you not want this image on something in your life (maybe a poster?) to remind you of the serene and groovy starmen of our recent past? Carl Sagan's Voyager recording brought Earth to the universe, and the Silver Surfer's warning saved Earth from the universe, so enjoy this Randall Maynard design that assembles a galaxy of peace in one tee.

Vin wv wv ww Li N a

This design pulls all of fiction's blade-fisted resilience together into one work of art. Because what's harder: every little cut in life leaving a scar, or having to fully self-heal again and again no matter how many cigars you chomp and Jean Greys you semi-lose? Thanks to Redbubbler DJKopet, you can get all that ferocious need to be loved on anything from shirts to onesies. Pick your favorite, and then marvel at the fact that both Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman's iconic roles are the times they played sad guys with knives for hands.

Remember: We're More Than Just a T-Shirt Store

We've got art prints galore for you, because we know you're more than just a fan of fine French frou-frou.


We've got such badass laptop cases, you'll look cool even as you bang out that report no true samurai would bother with.


Our phone cases can help your current personal electronics celebrate your future personal electronics.


And you can choose hoodies or V-necks or tanks you'll ride or die in with pride to honor the badass future of phaser-wielding philosopher-king captains.

2 New Shirts for Marvel and 'Cosmos' Fans

Our team-up with Society6 can provide you with good-looking versions of everything ever ...

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

... and in case that doesn't cover all your fashion needs, here's the best five new shirts from other parts of the Internet that we could find this week. Be practical (winter's coming and you need layers), be fashionable (we did the shopping for you!), and be well-dressed like you deserve to be this year and beyond.



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