Bill Burr Gets Misty-Eyed Watching ‘Bluey’

Bill Burr Gets Misty-Eyed Watching ‘Bluey’

Sunday used to be all about Tom Brady for Boston sports fan Bill Burr. These days, however, Brady has been replaced by Bluey.

Burr recently answered a flurry of fan questions in a new GQ video, including one that asked, “How much football do you watch a week?” Until recently, “a lot” would have been an accurate answer. Back in the days when Burr still had hair, he “used to watch a one o’clock game, a four o’clock game, and then a late game. And then with the package, I would be taping other games, and then you already had a Monday night, and you had a Thursday night game,” he said. “So I’d have a Tuesday and a Wednesday game and a Friday game to watch during the week that I had recorded.”

That pretty much takes care of the week, except for Saturday. “And then on Saturday,” he clarified, “I would watch college football.”

But now Burr has kids and his viewing habits have been forever altered. “I don’t know, I’m always watching Bluey,” he admitted. “Which is oddly, you know, really deep. What are we doing here? I’m getting misty-eyed watching a cartoon.” 

Which one got Burr? Was it the one when Bluey’s dad Bandit gets a job offer in another town, and Bluey spends most of the episode trying to uproot the “For Sale” sign from the front of his childhood home? Or maybe the one when Bluey’s Aunt Brandy discovers she’ll never be able to have children of her own? Or could it be the time when everyone was afraid Bluey’s grandfather would die of a heart attack after a strenuous afternoon of chasing Bluey and Bingo?

Sorry, going to need a second here. Anyone got a tissue? Can we please leave on a happier note? 

Real-life cartoon dog Jon Lovitz put things on cheerier ground when Burr answered the question, “How come Lovitz looks exactly the same as he did in 1993? That makes no sense to me." 

Burr was quick with a response. “Oh, that’s because his dad is a basset hound,” the comic confirmed. “He comes from a long line of sad people, and he’s funny from a distance, but if you get too close to him, that sadness comes on you. He’s a horrible human being.“

Kidding, Burr is kidding. “No, he’s actually one of my favorite people in this business,” Burr admitted. “That’s not a good picture of him, but they’re not saying he looks bad. I did all of that, didn’t I?”


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