Here's Everything We Know So Far About the New John Candy Documentary from Ryan Reynolds

"He was a treasure."
Here's Everything We Know So Far About the New John Candy Documentary from Ryan Reynolds

It’s official.  Ryan Reynolds is making a documentary about fellow Canadian comedy hero John Candy.

Comedy Internet couldn’t be more excited, and that includes John Candy’s kids. Here’s his son Chris:

And daughter Candy:

Candy had already been trending prior to the announcement, thanks to the upcoming 4K Ultra HD release of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. It’s been 28 years since the beloved comic passed away at age 43 of a suspected heart attack while filming Wagons East.

What do we know about the documentary? Also involved is Colin Hanks, whose father, Tom, costarred with Candy in some of his earliest hit comedies, including Splash (1983) and Volunteers (1985). “It’s true, we are making a documentary about John Candy,” Hanks said on Instagram, “and I could not be more thrilled about it.”

One of Ryan’s representatives told PEOPLE to expect never-before-seen images: “The Candy family is giving Maximum Effort access to his archive and home video footage.” 

Reynolds is a longtime Candy superfan.  On the 25th anniversary of Candy’s death, he shared this sweet video (made in cooperation with Chris and Candy):

He shared the video again the following year with an Instagram post that read: 

“John Candy passed away 26 years ago today. He always walked that tightrope between hilarious and heartbreaking. His movies mean so much to me. If you haven’t seen his work, check it out. He’s absolutely beautiful.”

Now Ryan will get to tell the Candy story on the big screen. We can’t wait. 

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