Zelda: Ocarina Of Time's Definitive Version Exists Only On PC

Zelda: Ocarina Of Time's Definitive Version Exists Only On PC

The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is such a near-perfect game that players only ever complain about its slow-opening chests, slow climbing, mandatory bad water level, outdated framerate, Deku Nut capacity, and its goddamn annoying fairy sidekick. No problem, though, as a dedicated bunch of rogue fans going by the name of Harbour Masters solved every single one of its problems – yes, now we can even prevent Navi from ever bothering us. The result is The Ship Of Harkinian, a completely Nintendo-unsanctioned but vastly superior version of the original game. On top of fixing a few glitches and the aforementioned gameplay hitches, Harkinian adds HD graphics, widescreen, difficulty options, the fluidity of 250 frame-per-second gameplay as well as the chance to play it on PC (as well as macOS and hacked Wii U, for the billions of people who have that).

the remaster doesn't force players to spend 4 seconds opening each chest


We get that most readers are sold by now, but there are many more goodies below.

Fans of the warring consoles of the time often argue about which game was the greatest of that generation. Was it Playstation's Metal Gear Solid, or the N64's Ocarina Of Time? Harkinian's devs probably thought “well this is a PC game unbound by the shackles of either giant, so why not both?”, and dramatically improved upon Ocarina's stealth segments in a way that made them look straight out of MGS.

Guards now have weird-but-effective line of sight indicators


Now we need a Metal Gear Solid remaster that features ball-based line of sight indicators.

We know how tough on e-crime Nintendo tends to go on fans – even when they don't stand to make any money from their creations, but The Ship Of Harkinian has managed to avoid their claws in style. The developers are bold to the point of announcing new updates to the remaster  as if they were Nintendo's very own Direct showcases:

Perhaps they're keeping Nintendo at bay by filling up their update showcases with random clips from the dreaded Zelda CDI games:

a remastered clip of a CDI Zelda game


And even those have been remastered.

Top Image: Nintendo

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