That Time Nicolas Cage Tripped His 'Face-Off' With His Cat

That Time Nicolas Cage Tripped His 'Face-Off' With His Cat

Nicolas Cage does not describe his teen years as being filled with drinking. He went to Beverly Hills High School, and entire books have been written about the substance abuse issues of that school's student body in the '80s, but he did the prudent thing and dropped out early so he could get into acting.

But while he didn't partake in much beer. Cage says that he did keep a bag of magic mushrooms in his fridge. The only problem with this setup was that his cat Louis used to break into the fridge and eat the mushrooms himself, even after Nic expressly forbade him from doing so. As for how the cat managed to open the fridge, well, let's just say that's not the strangest part of this story. 

Eventually, it became clear that only one solution remained: Nic had to share the mushrooms with his cat, the two taking them together. During this trip, he lay on his bed for hours, while the cat spent those same hours on the nearby desk, the two maintaining eye contact but never moving. This is all separate from a different incident in which Louis said "Hi" to Nic, in perfect English, despite neither of them being on drugs.

How do we know this story is true? Why, because Nicolas Cage told it of course. Do you think he would joke about such matters? This is man is committed to excellence in all things. 

Louis wasn't Nic's last pet, naturally. By the age of 22, and now an actor, Nicolas Cage had two aquariums in his home. A pet octopus lived in one, and he'd try to retrieve it to show to guests, but the introverted creature would shoot out ink and hide rather than climb out. Over the years, tales about this octopus mutated to say he'd paid $150,000 for it, to help with his acting. Maybe someone grabbed that number from the unrelated, true story of him spending $150,000 on the first issue of Action Comics. 

Years later, he'd laugh off the idea of spending that much on an octopus. “What is an octopus, $80?” he said. “You’re not going to go into dire straits buying an octopus.”

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