'Elden Ring' Hype Is Causing Fear Of Actual Death Among Fans

It's harder to respawn in real life.
'Elden Ring' Hype Is Causing Fear Of Actual Death Among Fans

For a very long time after its announcement, Elden Ring, the spiritual successor to the popular Dark Souls series, felt like a mirage. Details remained so scarce and hype levels so high for so long that fans grabbed onto even very obviously fake Russian announcements to keep the dream alive. You have to worry about that no longer as the game is real, looks tremendous, and will come out in just a little over a week. But the propensity of Dark Souls fans to find pleasure even in pain had to create yet another final boss to face before the game's release. With Elden Ring looming so near you can almost jump and grab it, fans of From Software's work are now scared that they'll die before the game comes out.

Dark Souls' traditional bad advice

From Software

What the jump actually looks like.

It all started on Reddit when a fan ashamedly admitted to his fear of dying before getting the chance to play the game.

Fan confesses seemingly dumb fear


It's a pretty funny post, really, one that might seem dumb at first, but one that's actually surprisingly relatable. Who still hasn't heard about Murphy's law, a hopefully fake law that determines that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong? Do you think no Marvel fans died between the release of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame and that the last they saw of Peter Parker was him entering the nostrils of Tony Stark in the form of ashes? Well, it turns out that the thoughts of the Redditor below aren't ridiculous at all, or at least not uniquely ridiculous, because that's a thought that has at least echoed in the minds of many other fans of the game. 

Fan cares more about a game than he does about a possible war


There are some other dumber thoughts going around as well.

Look, this series usually punishes players with death whenever they commit a mistake. That seems rough for outsiders, but those who keep on playing it soon grow to learn that death isn't really that much of an issue in the game because you get infinite continues, infinite chances to do better. The real enemy in the Souls games is losing the will required to keep on attempting to overcome the challenges in the game. Dark Souls fans might be naturally more conditioned to fear real-life death because, historically, not many humans get to respawn. Either that or the fact that we're dealing with an apparently neverending pandemic that left us with so little awesome stuff to do in the foreseeable future.

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