Tying Shoes Is For Suckers. Try These Kickstarter-Funded Shoelaces Instead.

Tying Shoes Is For Suckers. Try These Kickstarter-Funded Shoelaces Instead.

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These days, we're all run so ragged all the time, even tying your shoes can feel like a hassle. At least, some people apparently felt that way because the Xpand Original No-Tie Lacing System got fully funded and then some on Kickstarter.

This shoe-lacing system lets you adjust the fit of your shoes without ever needing to tie them. Just slip 'em through any of your favorite shoes to easily turn them into adjustable slip-ons and stop spending so many hours of your day tying and re-tying your shoes. Hate getting into your boots in the winter? Everybody does. But with these laces, at least you and your poor ancient back can spend less time bent over.

The Xpand system is made with zero-memory elastic rubber, ensuring a consistent fit throughout the day, even when you're walking long distances or working out. It comes with lace anchors manufactured from a fiber-filled resin for outstanding strength that keeps the laces from breaking or warping. Meanwhile, you can also use end clips to clinch the laces for an extra level of security on your laces. You can choose between hidden or visible mode with this system, allowing you to either showcase to the world how much smarter you are than them or hide the fact that you don't know how to tie shoes.

No matter what you prefer, you'll always be able to just slip into any of your shoes and go. People will definitely be jealous of how fast you get your shoes on. "Wow, look at that efficiency-minded person," they'll say. "I bet they're super rich and great in bed." You can only disappoint!

Tying shoes is for suckers. Get the Xpand Original No-Tie Lacing System for 33% off $29 for a limited time at just $19.99 in rainbow, black, or white.

Prices are subject to change.

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