Who Needs a Lighter With This Self-Igniting Pipe?

Who Needs a Lighter With This Self-Igniting Pipe?

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Don't you hate it when you lose your lighter? Or worse, you didn't, but it's a really crappy one and it's a windy day and you scrape your own thumb off before you catch a flame?  Stop living in medieval times! These days, there's a high-tech solution for pretty much everything, including janky lighters. SoloPipe has invented a self-igniting pipe.

SoloPipe hails from Venice Beach, where people know a little something about the importance of lighting up. This streamlined smoking device combines a refillable and adjustable butane lighter with a travel pipe to give you an extremely accessible handheld toy. It also includes a hardshell carrying case for convenient storage, and it's extra durable, so it won't break when you drop it. You can even adjust the flame itself with the built-in controls.

Using it is extremely easy, too. Just adjust it, fill it, and smoke it. The two-in-one design makes the entire process seamless and easy enough for anybody to manage in any cognitive state. That's part of the reason why it's earned a 4.1-star rating on Amazon.

Right now, you can get the SoloPipe: Self-Igniting Pipe for 32% off $69 at just $46.99. It's available in gold, chrome, or rose gold. (See? Even the colors are fun!)

Prices are subject to change.

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