Most Badass Monkey Fighters In Japan Are Three Elderly Women

Most Badass Monkey Fighters In Japan Are Three Elderly Women

Since 2015, the Japanese district of Miyama has been dealing with monkey business, and they're apparently of the Lehmen Brothers school of thought. The wild monkeys that have invaded the region steal food from the residents' farms and generally wreak havoc on the rural villages. It got so bad that the local government began offering classes to train residents to fend off the monkeys, which had to be fascinating even before it became a superhero origin story. Sadly, we don't have access to any of its, no doubt, amazingly illustrated training materials.

On the upside, three of its graduates were a group of elderly women who decided to join forces and become the region's collective Monkey Batman. By day, they go about their normal lives, farming, housekeeping, presumably kicking major ass at mahjong, etc. But whenever the alarm is sounded, they band together, armed with air guns but still in their aprons, to defend their people. Behold: Someone's grandma.

It seemed to be working, as the monkey disappeared briefly, but they returned in July of this year, ostensibly for revenge. Don't worry: The "Monkey Busters," as the women call themselves, were ready. Incidentally, that's a pretty sweet movie title. Just throwing it out there.

If any monkey-shooting grandmas would like to adopt Manna, they can reach her on Twitter.

Top image: Syed Ahmad/Unsplash

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