Drake's New Arabic Accent Misfires Hilariously

Drake's New Arabic Accent Misfires Hilariously

Toronto-born rapper Drake is known to be a bit of a linguist, cunning or otherwise, as many of his songs feature him rapping from a variety of accents and dialects from Southern American to Caribbean.

Drake spits rhymes that are so multicultural that they once took a 23 and Me test and the results came back "high score." In fact, whenever Drake adds a new accent to his repertoire someone on Twitter inevitably does this joke:

Drake's latest track to employ a new accent is a freestyle called "Only You." The song itself is another banger by Drake, but his Arabic accent might need a bit of fine-tuning, to say the least.

As the tweet points out, Drake ends up saying, "Baby, you and I are the shittiest," instead of his intended lyric, "Baby, I'm certain you and I look better together." Ooof. Someone needs to go back to Duolingo and start over. But I think Drake is probably still okay as far as his Arabic street cred is concerned.

Fans seem stoked he even made the attempt. Drake has also used Arabic terms before like in the 2017 song "Portland" where he says "Habibi" (beloved) ...

... and in the 2018 song "Diplomatic Immunity" where he drops "InshAllah." (God willing.)

The real question is does Drake still get Infinity Stone credit?

Okay, it was never in doubt.

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Top Image: Wiki Commons

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