Swapping the individual entries of a long-running movie series around into new configurations can fun way to recontextualize the story. But that some people take it too far and attempt to reorganize a 59-hour film series in chronological order, scene by scene. That's what podcaster Tony Goldmark did for every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He should be commended for his steadfast dedication to completing the project and someone, please, check in on him to make sure he isn't surrounded by jars of his own urine.

The descent into superhero madness begins with the prologue of Thor: The Dark World, so you can get an early start on getting that dull clunker out of the way. It continues into a flashback from Thor: Ragnarok and then into the second flashback scene from the first Thor. The first few hours are all flashback scenes, which eventually give way to entire movies set in the past, like Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain Marvel.

Goldmark put together an astoundingly thorough list that inspired others to immediately start work on edits that used Goldmark's work as a roadmap. This means there's likely to be at least a handful of galactically insane people out there who will download the ensuing 100 gig, 59-hour nonsensical fan-edit off a torrent site, then die from the superhero-induced aneurysm before Nick Fury can tell Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative. Good luck trying to remember this two-minute Ant-Man flashback ...

... 39 hours later, when you finally get to that movie. Godspeed to the maniacs who dare attempt to travel linearly through an entire (cinematic) universe and blaze new, exciting trails into the great unknowns of your own lunacy. #ReleaseTheGoldmarkCut.

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Top Image: Disney/Marvel Studios

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