Moms Who Yoga Will Love This Mother's Day Gift

Moms Who Yoga Will Love This Mother's Day Gift

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This year, shopping for Mother's Day is a bit more complicated than "Roses or orchids? Which one does she like better? I can never remember. I bet Todd remembers. Stupid Todd." There are few stores open, and shipping times are slower than usual, so not even your normal savior -- online shopping -- can help you. The good news is they can't help Todd, either. We've got something you can send your mom at the last minute that will still have that personal touch you're looking for: YogaDownload Unlimited, the perfect program for moms who love yoga or staying in shape. It'll blow your kiss-up brother out of the warm, maternal water.

YogaDownload is the stretch that keeps on stretching. With 4.7/5 stars on 800 TrustPilot reviews, it's one of the top-rated online yoga programs on the market. Your mom will be in good digital hands, even when the hands of Windsong, her favorite instructor, are so very far away.

Whether mom could use a little stress reliever during these scary pandemic times or she's just generally into staying physically and psychologically flexible, YogaDownload offers programs for everybody, at all skill levels. With more than 1,500 expert-led yoga and fitness classes available on-demand, Mom will be able to find all the classes and styles she likes via the website or mobile app. Best of all, every course is designed to be done at home, so mom doesn't need anything to build a consistent yoga practice, even in quarantine. She might even realize that Windsong is kind of overrated. (You always thought so.)

Give yourself the gift of being right and wiping the floor with your siblings by giving mom unlimited access to YogaDownload's considerable library as well as access to new classes added every week. Normally $119.99, you can get one year of access for just $29 now.

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