You may remember Namio Harukawa from one of our earlier articles, or you may just remember him from being the type of person who likes to live a little a freaky. Still, for the uninitiated, Namio Haukawa is an artist who specializes in illustrations of voluptuous women sitting on dude's faces.

Or, we should say, Namio Harukawa was an artist who specialized in such illustrations because, sadly, Namio Harukawa is snacking on big mounds of booty in the sky. Yes, Namio Harukawa is dead, but he will not be forgotten as surely as you will not forget this image any time soon:

Visual art, like any other art, is a highly subjective and interpretive medium, so it's hard to say what exactly Harukawa was looking to get across with his frequent depictions of scrawny gentleman sandwiched between two massive loaves of tush. Perhaps it's something about the Feminist movement or about normalizing a broader range of sex acts or about decontextualizing what is considered "shocking." Maybe Harukawa just liked butts. We're not exactly art critics here, so we don't know for sure.

What we do know is that Harukawa's work has gained a cult following, on Instagram and Tumblr, that will continue to grow for years to come. And what we also know is that Harukawa will be missed, not just by the art community, and not just by those who enjoy diving neck-deep into someone else's rectum, but by all. Rest in peace, Namio Harukawa. We hope God in heaven is riding your face like a bike seat. (Assuming that's what you were into.)

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Top Image: Namio Harukawa

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