'Parks & Rec' Is Back With A New Episode!

Nobody panic, Leslie Knope has everything under control.
'Parks & Rec' Is Back With A New Episode!

If you've been spending this time binging through shows, you've for sure had that moment where you've wondered how your favorite characters would be handling all this. Well, here to show us is the cast of Parks & Recreation:

Filmed in their own homes, it looks like they got the whole gang back together (but also separately) for a full 30-minute episode. Jim O'Heir, who plays Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry/Barry Gergich, is thrilled with the script.

The plot will be about Leslie Knope slowly going insane as a result of socially distancing from her friends. Set in present-day Pawnee, it has everyone communicating from home. And if you recall the ending of Parks & Recreation, everybody's lives ramped up intensely on the show. What follows is all speculation, but based on what the finale showed us.

Ben Wyatt should be a congressman by now, probably swamped dealing with this crisis. Leslie's working with the National Parks Service, which is closed hard. Leslie didn't do so hot the last time she had a government shutdown, and that was on a local level. Garry/Jerry/Larry/Barry/Terry is the mayor of a town whose citizens used to put their whole mouths on a water fountain spigot and now has to convince them to socially distance and stay sanitized. Ann is a nurse, and Chris has crippling fears of his finely-tuned machine of a body ever getting sick. They've also moved to Michigan, which is a hotspot right now. Tom went bankrupt because America ran out of beef -- what was once a throwaway joke designed to send his career in a different direction now has a potentially deeper backstory.

Luckily, this is a crew that's dealt with health crises and panics before. Leslie Knope had binders and DVD presentations on file in Pawnee for how to deal with any possible disaster. They're going to be okay. Probably. We hope.

The script will also have to factor in some distance between the show's couples vs. the real world actors -- we have no idea how they're going to cover that little gap. But whatever they do, we already know things will turn out fine in their futures. That makes this episode kind of the Rogue One of the final season of Parks & Recreation.

But most importantly, the episode will raise money for charity for those who've been affected by COVID-19. Maybe donating will get the theme song out of your head.

Isaac is on Twitter and Instagram @NotFunnyIsaac and is so glad to have just one more episode of this, so thank you, Michael Schur.

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