Al Capone Movie Looks Syphilis-Ridden Nuts

Al Capone Movie Looks Syphilis-Ridden Nuts

With almost every major movie release being delayed these days, a new non Trolls-related movie is set for a video-on-demand release. Capone stars Tom Hardy, an early adopter of masks and social distancing, as legendary gangster Al Capone in his final days. Which means that it's less of a straight-up mob movie, and more a story about Capone's syphilis-ridden brain sending him on a roller coaster ride of flashbacks and weird fantasies. Judging from the trailer, it rightfully looks pretty nuts:

The movie was supposed to be released back in 2019 but was delayed for mysterious, non-pandemic reasons. And it was originally called Fonzo, but the title was changed, presumably so audiences wouldn't get confused and think Tom Hardy was playing one of those creepy toys from that one Simpsons episode.

Capone heralds the return of Josh Trank, the director whose break-out success with Chronicle led to abysmal failure with 2015' Fantastic Four reboot, followed by ... literally nothing. Adding to Trank's bad reputation were reports that he was "abusive and insulting" to the Fantastic Four cast and crew, and that he allegedly let "several small dogs" trash his rental house during filming. Then there was his Tweet crapping on the film literally the night before it opened. All this led to Trank leaving an unnamed Star Wars project either because he withdrew for personal reasons, or because he was fired.

Now Trank's comeback movie has been somewhat derailed by the COVID-19 outbreak, but it will be available to rent on video-on-demand beginning May 12. Or if you're looking for a more family-friendly way to get your Tom Hardy fix, he's also reading bedtime stories on children's television. Come to think it, maybe we're all living inside one of Al Capone's syphilitic nightmares.

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