Puddle Of Mudd Covering 'About A Girl' Plugs Our Mind Toilets Forever

Puddle Of Mudd Covering 'About A Girl' Plugs Our Mind Toilets Forever

You know how some artists cover a song so well that it immediately becomes their own? Think of "Hurt" by Johnny Cash (originally by Nine Inch Nails) or "I Will Always Love you" by Whitney Houston (originally by Dolly Parton). Well, much in the same way, Nirvana's "About a Girl" will now forever belong to Puddle of Mudd's lead singer Wes Scantlin, except here it's because it is so god awful that we'll never be able to erase this sound from our minds.

We know now who killed Kurt Cobain. It was Wes Scantlin's voice going back in time. Seriously, his voice sounds like it is being squeezed out of his throat like someone struggling to get that last bit of toothpaste from an empty tube. If you closed your eyes while watching this video, then you might have been tempted to call the cops in order to stop a man from being strangled to death while singing your dad's go-to karaoke song. It's the vocals you get when trying to cure constipation via autoerotic asphyxiation. It's an incredible cover is what we're trying to get at.

The best part though is the reaction from the other band members. At 1:11 you can see the faintest smirk of "This is going viral," creep up from the guitarist's face, while the bassist just looks genuinely concerned every single time the camera cuts to him. Meanwhile, the bongo guy keeps on bongo-ing along. He's in the Caribbean right now. Nothing can hurt him.

We're not sure exactly why this started trending on Twitter today. Sirius released the video back in January. Maybe it's because something, something, we have to stay inside. We don't know. Wes Scantlin's voice has rendered us unable to process anything past "I DOOOO NEED AN EAZZZY FRIEIAEIEENNDD!!"

Top image: USMC/Wiki Commons

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