Pour One Out For The Easter Island Statue That Was Decapitated By A Truck

Pour One Out For The Easter Island Statue That Was Decapitated By A Truck

The iconic, mysterious Easter Island statues have stood for centuries. Placed there either by the local Rapa Nui people, or an alien who built an audience so he could practice his juggling routine in front of a crowd, they've withstood every form of battery from harsh weather to asshole tourist's urine. They can survive anything life throws at them, except for a runaway pickup truck. One of those can wreck them pretty good, it turns out.

Winner of the prestigious J.D. Power and Associates award for sacred land desecration.

There are nearly 1,000 statues spread across the island. Almost half of them are located in one spot. It was around this spot that the break lines in an unmanned pickup truck failed and sent it careening toward the sacred site. The statue it hit was one of many that represented the ancestral legacy of the island's residents, which the pickup did not care for in the least. In the eternal battle between the ancient past and the technological present, the present proved that all-wheel drive and best-in-class towing capacity beats family legacy.

The downside, of course, is that the island lost another totem tethering its people to their rich past. Failed breaks preeminently severed a connection that can never be reestablished. The lone upside is the statue will never again have to suffer the indignity of a tourist pretending to pick its huge nose.

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Top image: Walkerssk/Pixabay
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